June 24, 2019

Good Bye Cleveland! It's been real


           Hello, my faithful readers! Did you miss me? Good, because I missed me. So apparently, I have to go back to work a lot sooner than expected. I didn’t think I had to return to “Lost” Angeles unt...

June 11, 2019

I feel that I am presently paving my own way for my career and it feels great! I have visions of what I will be doing sometimes with my writing and let me tell you, it’s a sweet fucking life.

May 24, 2019


 "Patience is a Virtue"

          All my life I loved being alone. Growing up that is where I felt the most comfortable. I learned that my imagination and my emotions are as deep as the Pacific Ocean. I loved living in my head because...

May 19, 2019

I stood there in that moment to try and memorize the mental state I was in. I wanted to FEEL what it was like when I had to make an important decision that’ll benefit me.

May 6, 2019

Zoe Myers; Art Made within Every Stitch! 

The Finalist!! 

I feel it can be a nice reprieve to meet someone that is going through the same trials and tribulations on their journey, as you are on yours. For instance, when life gets a bit overwhelming when thinking about yo...

March 22, 2019

There comes an age where leaving home becomes necessary. Not only is living with your parents getting a bit uncomfortable, but, your mind is starting to wonder as of what else is out there. Questioning everything you have been taught becomes routine, researching, and t...

March 2, 2019

At the time, I had no idea what a narcissist was. I'm not going to tell you what I thought the word originally meant (it had something to do with fires). Anyways, all I knew was that something wasn't right with this boy. For years, I found myself in a roller-coaster of...

February 18, 2019

The dating pool for plus size women can be sort of slim. It’s not because we aren’t beautiful or the fact that some of us do not put ourselves out there, it’s the fact that we’re afraid to do just that. Plus size bodies are not society’s norms even though our body type...

December 22, 2018

Lanise Howard in... Painting Upon A Dream!

Her paintings fascinated me. The figures portrayed in her work seemed so realistic. I loved how BLACK it was; green sceneries that mimicked the landscapes of Africa, different shades of our golden, melanated skin, chunky jewelr...

December 9, 2018

Blendia Arie: Miss Sweeney Todd of L.A.

I have known Ashley since our high school days. In a time where young minds were trying to cope with their insecurities and impress fake friends, it seemed that Ashley already has an idea of who she was; different, a creative, an...

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