When I first thought I had the "juice": A Scary, Funny Halloween

So, I promised you guys a story about the first time I knew I had the "juice" in writing. I was about maybe ten or eleven years old in the fifth grade, right. One of my favorite elementary school teachers gave us a writing assignment for homework. Instantly, I was excited because I have been writing little stories here and there at home for years! So, at this moment I am feeling as if I can finally get my chance to show my teacher and the rest of the class what I was really about. Halloween was upon us and at that time, as you know, school likes to do fun things to keep the kids interested and focused because all we could think about was candy which funny looking costume our mothers were going to make us wear.

Anyway, the assignment was for the class to make up a Halloween story using at least other students. To be honest, I could care less who the characters would be I just wanted to write my story. But, of course I used my friends. I couldn’t get started fast enough I tell you! I put pencil to paper and my mind took off into another world of endless imaginations as it always did. Snapping out of reality to visit a place of tranquility with a dash of unrealistic fantasies was normal back then as it is now. However, I must say it worst when I was a kid. People would be talking to me and I would completely tune them out, imaging I was somewhere else being who I wanted to be. Needless to say, I was almost finished with my Halloween story in the matter of an hour. It was about eight pages long, front and back and I did not believe in writing too big.

I fell in love with scary movies at an early age. My favorite scary movie that I have seen was called “The Hunting” with Ann Taylor, Catherine Zeta-Jones (lover her!) Owen Wilson, and that one handsome, big Irish man that stared on the movie “Taken”. I fused my love of storytelling with the darkest corners of my mind to write this story. I knew I had to let up too because I didn’t want anyone to think that I was weird or for the teacher to be concerned and call my mother. So, I eased up a bit and decided to throw some humor in there. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t funny. While I was writing, I was saying to myself, “Yeah! This is will be some scary shit” or “Oh my god, that was hilarious!” or “Wait, that’s too scary…. I’m getting scared”. My mind was going a million miles per minute. No matter what I did not lift my pencil off the paper…. unless I caught a cramp. Three hours and twenty pages later, I was done. I never felt so accomplished in my life. I felt as if I just wrote the Dali Lama of children’s books; just call me Makaveli (probably not) kind of mentality. Harsh thing was, come to find out, the Halloween story my teacher assigned to us wasn’t an actual assignment. He assigned it to keep us busy. I never got to read my story to the class and no one knew if I was good or not. It was heart wrenching. But on a good note, one of my friends got the chance to read it and she said it was funny and scary. I was content with that, but not completely satisfied. It was then that I knew that I had a calling for writing. I felt in my spirit that I was good in what I had done and there was more from where that came from; like thousands more. After that, I accompanied a new genre of writing; one that was deep inside my heart waiting to burst with every fiber of my being...romance. I craved to be a romance writer, a good one at that and I didn’t want to stop until I achieved that goal.

It was a spark of a new era in my writing life and I couldn’t wait to get to it. A Scary, Funny Halloween was just the beginning and I thank God for that day for I would have never knew what I wanted to be. I have longed dreamed of becoming an accomplished writer, sitting in my cozy three-story home, black ball point pen in hand, because like most writers, there are little things that bring inspiration when it’s time to write. It could be sitting at the right desk, the right chair, or feeling the right breeze---whatever floats their boat. I’m not sure if I plan to ever publish A Scary Funny Halloween. It’s one of those treasures that you want to hold on to for your own sake. It could be a constant reminder of how fucked up you were in the beginning as a writer, to now, a progressing, evolved, more complicated and starving, but satisfied writer. Personally, I am not there yet but one day I hope I will be. Thanks for your time people, stay positive and stay you.