See Me, Move Me, Feel Me Part One: Antonio Alan Barnes

Antonio Barnes in a forest 2017

It’s always good to find people that you admire to keep yourself afloat, whether it be a lending hand or a shoulder to cry on. For some of us out there, we know the meaning of what a true friendship is about. Then there are those who has been hurt by the people they love and find it hard to trust again. Fortunately for me, I know the meaning of die-hard friends that become more like family and have those that are actually blood related! What is greater than having one of your biggest inspirations sharing the same parents as you? In this three-part blog series, I will be conducting an interview of the people I love and admire the most when it comes to creativity, positivity and following their dreams.

First and forever on my list as the people I admire the most, is my big bro Antonio Treymane-Alan Barnes. He is a twenty-five year old Cleveland native with a keen eye for the beauty of photography. Throughout his photography career, he has shot for many locals in the area. My desires were to record the interview but that didn’t go so well. Nevertheless, the old pen, paper and voice recorder never gets old! At least not to me.



I asked my brother when did he decide [know] that photography was a gift? He bluntly came out and said that he doesn’t believe it’s a gift, but a talent. He is more interested in having a long and prosperous career in radio and communications. He developed a love for it while in high school and attended Akron University to study communications. All while he couldn’t finish his studies, that didn’t stop him from working in his desired field anyway. Antonio interned for local radio stations and had offers in New York and New Jersey for his talents and expertise. He is now weighing his options as we speak, but, if you ask me, New York! New York! I just love it.

While there are three names that come to mind as far as inspirations’, only two really meant the most to big bro: Terry Richardson, an American fashion and portrait photographer for brands such as Marc Jacobs, Aldo, Supreme, and Tom Ford just to name a few, and Jordan Patterson; a photographer on Instagram that he has admired for a long time. He discovered them both through Tumblr where his world of taking pictures got a little brighter. Once he began taking pictures of his own, he started to promote them on all social medias. Antonio dreams of becoming a portrait/fashion photographer, like Richardson all while pursuing a career in radio.

I believe one of the greatest things about my brother and his craft is that he believes there is no such thing as competition. “Once you believe you have competition with someone else, that’s when you’ll lose,” Antonio said very plainly. He feels that competing everyday with yourself is hard enough, so why make it life harder than it needs to be. The craziest thing is that he had this mentality at the earliest age on ten. Most kids that age is interested in the latest video games and playing outside with their friends, but, apparently, my brother had something more distant on his mind; his future. Antonio became isolated and focused. He grinded harder in school and participated in many extra circular activities. Photography still remained part of the plan even though radio and communications is the priority. I asked him if he had to choose between the two, which will it be? I knew it was an unfair question asking him to pick between his career and his passion, however, his photography is taking him places he thought he would never be! Of course, he had an answer for me and it made sense.

“Radio and photography can sometimes intertwine.”

In my mind, I was like well “DUH! I knew that!” But I didn’t say it. Whatever. He said he could do radio and snap pictures for events that the company may host. He then goes on to assure me that to him, even though he is becoming known for his diverse photos, radio is life and photography is just a hobby. I stared at him without saying a word and nodded. I couldn’t really grasp his logic because ALL his photos are unique and beautiful. The catches the raw and edginess of life and those who are living life the best way they know how; the authentics’ and the “weirdos” as some may call them. I will leave a few pics and a link to his Instagram for you all to see what I am talking about here.

Lastly, I asked Antonio where he sees himself five years from now. Finishing school was at the top of his list. He then went on to say he wants to be living in New Jersey with his fond career of radio. That’s not asking for too much I don’t think. Very simple and reasonable, like him. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter what Antonio does in life because no matter what he will make sure he’ll be great at it. His pure heart and endless ambition for his work and the concepts of life is worth looking up too. I am glad that he is so close to me and I am especially glad I get to call him a brother/twin (not really twin, we just favor a lot).

Stay connected with me for the next two interviews that I have coming up with the cartoonist and the writer. You wouldn’t want to miss it.

You can Follow Antonio @antonioalan on Instagram for his latest photos and specials he has coming up. @Antonio Barnes on Facebook and don’t forget to check out his website if you wish to book for any kind of events. He does it all.

Stay Positive. Stay Focused. Vibrate Higher.

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