See Me, Move Me, Feel Me Part Two: Brandon Hansard

Brandon Hansard Instagram: @xo_vvs

Welcome back to my second interview on Made Too Inspire! As you know, I will be conducting a total of three interviews in this series and we are happily on interview number two.

As I explained before, I wanted my first round of interviews to be people that I admire and gain inspiration and motivation from. The second man that I am about to introduce is a very close friend of mine; the very best actually, Brandon Hansard, but he goes by BEE or B for short (usually with a bumblebee attached to it). I have known him practically all my life, however we didn’t become close until a few years ago. Long story my friends, I can see how it can be a bit contradicting. Anyway, since that very day I became latched to his views upon the world and life period. His ideas paired good with mine and I couldn’t believe I found someone who thought like I did; only on a much more deeper and reality based level. You see, my head was always in the clouds, daydreaming the days away and he kept me grounded all while still having the possibility of floating away on a silver cloud to the depths of my imagination.

Brandon is a twenty-six year artist who dreams of having a career in being a cartoonist. Born and raised on Cleveland’s east side, all the tools weren’t given to him to make these dreams a reality until now. He is currently attends Hocking College to focus more on his craft. In the interview, you will get a feel of a person who literally came from nothing, the “rats and the roaches” as he puts it, to someone who is determined and hungry for knowledge and success.



By the age of fourteen, Brandon noticed he was different from is his peers because of his deep connection with life and his empathy for those around him. In high school, he hung out with friends who had the same values as him but due to the stresses at his home, he still felt alone. He began drawing as an escape from reality. It began when he was six years old forging signatures for school to keep himself out of trouble. It soon spiraled into doodles in a large notebook. He liked giving personifications to your typical fury forest animals on paper. Drawing was always a serious matter to Brandon but the matter didn’t become career oriented until he was living on his own, battling with himself on whether to continue to live in mediocrity or actually living doing what he loves.

His drawings are unique in the way he perceives animals doing human activities. He gathers his inspirations from the imperfections of his past turmoil’s of family and hurt emotions. He suffered from abuse and neglect from childhood to his teenage years and he used drawing as one of many outlets; the use of common recreational drugs and alcohol to numb the pain became an everyday routine. Just to be clear, Brandon didn't use drugs and alcohol to enhance his art, oh no! All his artwork is done sober and comes from the heart. Awwww!

When asked who his favorite artists are, he gave me

the most typical and nerdiest of answers; “I love Dragon Ball Z!” a Japanese anime cartoon created by Akira Toriyama. I can vouch for a fact that this guy is a huge fan of the show. When you start buying shirts and hats and showing clippets of Goku and Gohan up and down your Instagram and Facebook, you are surly one of their biggest fans. Another one of his favorites is the one and only, Michael Angelo. He admires with small detail in his paintings as well as the time and patience he puts into his work. He does not have a favored piece by him. Lastly, he mentioned a French-American philosopher, painter, sculptor and chess player, Marcel Duchamp. Quite worldly if you ask me, but on the other hand, just about all artists and writers are worldly. Hell they have to be.

Drawing closer to the end of the interview, I always ask my interviewees what they hope to accomplish with their influences. Brandon’s motto is to inspire and motivate young adults and children who wants to pursue a career in the art world. He hopes to make a career doing the one thing he loves to do, draw. He goes on to say and I quote, “Every obstacle that seems the most difficult could be tamed,” and me being me, replied, “Okay, Gandhi” with side eyes. My friend always has some encouraging and uplifting words to say. That is why he is the best person to call if you’re having a rainy day. I can’t stress enough how much of a necessity it is to keep good people in your corner. You never know when you need a word of encouragement or a shoulder to cry on. The energy you keep around could either bring you down or build you up so it is very important to protect your space. Be aware and do not be afraid to test those that say they’ll always be by your side. Sometimes, you have to be sure. I say this because I know for a fact Brandon will always be in my corner. He isn’t afraid to tell the truth with the utmost respect and care. I desire honesty and less sugar coating as possible and he is undoubtedly one of those friends that is able to talk to me in such a way that’ll makes me want to cry, but, also adjust my crown and fix my pearls for I almost forgot who I was. You can find Brandon on all social media sites and he post regularly on what he is up too and what he has coming up.


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Stay Positive. Stay Focused. Vibrate Higher.


Me: “What is one thing you wish someone would have told you when you were younger?”

Him: “You don’t have to love everyone."

Me: “Why?”

Him: “You’ll lose yourself once you think people has the same heart and intentions as you.”

Me: “Okay, Gandhi.”

Take this with you and apply it.

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