When you are the G.O.A.T.

That’s what I call him. My big brother. I swear to you I am his biggest supporter. I believe his work is so great and that one day he will be great. He has that aura about him; passionate, determined, humble and a “fuck it” mentality. Many things that I do not possess which has me inspired by his abilities to make magic with what he has.


Antonio has been taking photos all over Cleveland. Each one has been more intriguing than the one before, leaving his audience panting for another post (especially me). He seems to have a technique of his own; his own feel of how photographs should be taken. Look a little closer my friend and you will see how crisp his settings are around the person in the photo. Notice the spontaneous moments he captures in the background that makes them believable. The whole vibe of how he takes photographs makes you want to live life like he does; which is, “fuck it!” He catches all the right gestures that are suitable for “off guard” moments as well as those that are meant to be on the cover of someone’s magazine. The women and men are his muse and are aspired by him as he is them. It’s a mutual connection. That is one of the keys to perfecting your craft; finding those who believe in the dream as much as you do.

A while back, News One Now did an interview with the writer, producer Issa Rae, of the HBO hit series ‘Insecure”, mentioned that networking with people across from you than above you is beneficial. Even though working with people that are on a higher level than you are is the ideal plan, you can still achieve success by incorporating your family, friends, colleagues etc… I believe the great Spike Lee had the same concept in mind. In his early work such as, “She’s Gotta Have It”, I noticed he used the same actors occasionally. To be more specific, an idea that I love, he used his sister as one of the main characters in his work. Like me, she believed her brother’s dreams to want to help him as much as possible. My passion is writing, and Antonio’s is photography and radio. If there is anything I can do with my writing to excel my brother in his career, then hell yeah! I am all over it! ‘here you go big bro!! Take this fine ass article I wrote about your photography and plaster it ALL over social media for people to see!’ Because helping him is also helping me, killing that crabs in the barrel mentality.

I am learning that family is well needed for this journey that I have embarked on. I’ve always thought that hypothetically, a person becomes successful by doing the work by themselves. The world is teaching me that those that are successful didn’t make it there by their lonesome. They had help. Let me tell ya’, it’s a challenge breaking out this mindset because I have been conditioned by society that being isolated is the main component in order to “make it”. Even though solitude is food for the soul, it is important to break out of the house and experience life occasionally. As an introvert, this is an adjustment; being social is the same feeling as humiliation but you did nothing to get humiliated. When the sun sets, I want to lay in bed and know that I have made the day count in reaching my goals. Once the sun rises into the sky from shining on another part of the world, I aspire to feel like new and ready to take on the day with positivity.

My dreams are possible realities. My actions to get to those dreams are pathways to my truths. It’s all a part of this illusion we call life. Succeed in these moments, and your spirit becomes even more divine in the next. #SpiritGoals I thank you for reading me today. I hope you all have a positive and productive day.

Stay Positive. Stay Focused. Vibrate Higher.

Yours Truly,

Tricia B.