Days 1-2 in L.A.

Da Jungle


My first day in L.A. came and went and I must say that I am fucking relieved. The first day is always the hardest; it doesn’t matter where it is. Thankfully, driving into L.A. wasn’t too bad for it being my first time. I got through the city with a breeze, however, on the other side of the barricade, man! Looks like they were mad as shit. I mean cars backed up for miles and for what?! I couldn’t tell ya, I didn’t pay that much attention. But anyway! I was trying my damnest not to slam into the back of someone’s bumper. I swear you must have very good breaks to be driving in Los Angeles.

The first thing I do is check into my little bump bed space. I am staying at the Time Zone Hostel for three nights and it’s pretty cool. It has this hipster, modern style vibe that could suit anyone. I had to keep in mind that it is not a hotel nor a motel. It’s literally like a cheap safe haven for international or national travelers that are looking for a place to rest. Also, I’m not saying you MUST be a people person while you’re staying here, but it helps. I chose a mixed bunker, which means male and females are able to sleep in the same room. As always, I’m with all the guys. I don’t know why that happens, you know! Everywhere I go it’s like I am the only girl. But anyways, yes, I am in a bunker of eight beds and there are six of us and I am the only female.

The first man I met is an older gentleman. I don’t want to be

racist and guess his ethnicity, but hey! It’s fun to guess I think. By the looks of him, he seems Latin. He has dark golden skin, thick, black, bushy eyebrows and apparently doesn’t give a fuck what people think about him. I say this because the guy snores incredibly loud and he farts in his sleep and that’s not the worst part! I catch him staring at me whenever he is awake and it’s creepy. If that’s not odd enough, whenever I do catch him staring, I stare the hell back…and he takes an extra few seconds to stare at me longer before he finally looks away. He decided to say good morning to me today because when I first met him, I said hello and he ignored me. Traits of an ass.

After a while I was hungry, right, so I went inside of a McDonalds to eat and possible use their WIFI. Of course, my computer died because I don’t ever think to charge it unless I am on it. So, I’m sitting here, looking around and taking in the fact that I am actually here in Los Angeles. Out of nowhere, a couple comes in and sits down in front of me and starts arguing. They were loud as shit and did not care who heard. I got a whiff on the conversation and apparently, the guy hit his girlfriend with a hot dog bun and she got upset. She started making a big deal about it and come to find out, they get into all the time, but, it’s more hands on if you get my drift. So, these two are yelling back and forth saying who hits who all time and the fact that she’s always the first one to call the police. I continue to pretend to mind my business when all of a sudden, another couple walks in that seems I noticeably different. The woman was a transgender. She did not have herself together this day; her weave was matted, her dress was dirty, what she had on didn't go together, needless to say, she was a mess. This may sound crazy, but I have never seen a transgender in person before. People are out here living their best lives just not giving a fuck.

I finished my food and then drove back to my hostel. The older male wasn’t there so I had some time to myself. I got bored and went to the t.v. room to watch the Conjuring. Once I got bored with that, I went back to my room where it was so damn cold. They had the air on all night and I am just a shivering under two blankets. I am thankful the older guy snored excruciatingly loud. He couldn't tell or probably wouldn't even cared that I snored. Well, that’s the end of day one! Nothing too crazy yet, there’s still time. Take care everyone and wish me luck on many days to come.

Stay Focused. Vibrate Higher. Stay Positive