Day 15 in L.A.



I expected my time in L.A. to be eventful of course, but not this much drama. All in all, ya know what, as I said before, I would have it no other way. As you may know, I moved into my new “spot” on Saturday, September 1st. Successful, very clean move in; I had no problems… until it was time for me to go to bed. Like I told you guys before I am extra tired nowadays because I just started my job. So, long story short, I snored all night long without a care in the world. Suddenly, I was disturbed in the middle of the night with the sound of a plastic bottle hitting a desk chair. My roommate, let’s call her F.I.B. (Foreign Ignorant Bitch), took it upon herself to bang on the chair to wake me up from my slumber. I woke up saying “What the fuck?!” She didn’t say anything. So, I went back to sleep. The rest of the night I didn’t hear a thing. For the last couple of nights, I have been trying to smother myself with these two big pillows I have, to drown out the sounds of my snoring. Guess that didn’t work either. Monday morning while I was at work, I received a text message for the landlord stating that F.I.B. couldn’t get any sleep last night because my snoring kept her up all night. According to her, ole girl didn’t fall asleep until 6 a.m. the morning of. The landlord explained to me that if we can’t come to a compromise on my sleeping, I would have to leave. Of course, I was pissed the fuck off. I have to leave because …of…the…way… I… sleep? I nervously had to laugh to myself because I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I just moved into this place and now I have to find somewhere else to go?!

After work, I decided to run a few errands since I had a place to put my shit now. I stopped at a local CVS pharmacy to pick up some nasal strips for my nose to see if it will help and needless to say, it did not. In my defense, it felt as if it did! My airways were clear I thought that it actually may work. But, nope! The very next morning, Tuesday, I received another text saying that I will have to leave the apartment because F.I.B. couldn’t take it anymore. She blabbered saying I have one week to find somewhere else to live. The landlord then went on to say she has never been in this situation before and she had no idea on what to do about the situation. How about YOU TELL THAT BITCH TO GET SOME EAR PLUGS BECAUSE I DID ALL I CAN DO, BITCH?!” That’s what I wanted to say but I didn’t. She wanted F.I.B. to stay there and not me because she has been there longer, and she just wanted her too. Her words. I’ll add pics of the messages here:

I wanted to cry so bad. I thought I was getting a break from the restrictedness of my little Honda. Now my legs were going to get swollen again and my face is going to start breaking out AGAIN! It was just starting to dry up and become clear. Nevertheless, I packed my shit as soon as I got back to the apartment. Of course, F.I.B. wasn’t there. She’s never there in the middle of the day. I told the other roommates what happened, and they were just as upset as I was. Just like me, they couldn’t do a thing about it. It was embarrassing and frustrating having to repack my suitcases after only being there for three nights. All due to my snoring.

On one hand, I can understand; lots of people like it silent when they are sleeping. I hear not many people can deal with those that snore. But then again, when you are living in an apartment with six other strangers, you are bound to have to compromise in so many ways. Apart of me wish I was more vocal. I wanted to let that F.I.B. have it and the landlord!! But, being me, I left quietly, weeping in silence as I drove out of the garage. It all came down so fast I had to let it out. I thought I was done with this! I don’t think you'll understand! Living in my car is convenient, thank GOD I am not living on the street, but I’d rather not! This shit is not fun! I was WRONG LIKE FUCK! And here I am. Living in my car yet again starting back at square one. Thankfully, the night before I already started looking for places all over. I happened to get two leads on apartments in my price range, so glory to that. In the meantime, all I have to do is work and write. Tell you all my hardships and struggles and blessings. It’s been a rollercoaster ride of emotions everyone. I have felt every which possible way within the last month. Nevertheless, every single day, I tell myself “just keep moving” “it will all be alright”. That is what is keeping me going and the love of my family and friends. I am so lucky to be surrounded in so much abundance of love. From here on out, I keep my circle tight. If it’s not about business, I don’t need you. I already have my team.

At least work is doing alright. I learned a lot within a week and I can now call myself a pro at this coffee shit. Sooner or later I will be the best barista that college had ever seen. That’s what I strive to be really. To be the best there and interact with as many students as I can; you know, network! They are all creative and inspiring students, I swear. Today, I saw the dopest pair of twin girls in the coffee shop. They had to be in fashion and they were Black too! #WINNING As far as my co-workers go, I found out why the pregnant supervisor was being so nice to me now. Since she’s getting so close to the time of having her baby, she needs to go to the doctor like every week or day now. Whatever. I mean she’s pregnant, you can’t fake that. So now she wants to switch morning shifts with me so she can get out earlier. Like I said, whatever.

That’s all I have for you now. I’ll let you know when something else “interesting” happens. Thanks, ya’ll and don’t forget too…

Stay Focused. Stay Positive, Vibrate Higher.