A Never Before Seen Feat!

I used to write poetry all the time, but somewhere along the line I stopped. Today, I was vibing to the music in my car and I felt these words repeating in my head that sounded dope. So here it is; another stab at poetry. A long lost friend:

The Garage

Must forgive myself,

It’s kinda hard to me.

Don’t believe I deserve success because

My demons’ cloud around me.

In order to truly love myself,

I must fully know myself.

Blinded by worry and sadness,

Unable to get to the core of what’s inside.

I keep it locked up in a dark roomy place,

Smothered in fear and a worthless musk,

Fortunately, I can still see flames,

Trying to run, even hide from those demons lingering in it.

Must forgive myself, it’s kinda hard to me.

I must truly love myself, to better know myself,

So the pain can calm itself,

 So it’s easy for me to sleep.

This journey has taught me a lot,

Like, to be humble on some kindness shit.

But I also must be tough and show people that I don’t play,

Everything I came to do, I must stay focused and not led astray.

Clearing out that dark room requires time and effort.

Sometimes it feels like I’m running out of time

While I’m striving to keep my head out of the clouds,

Must not drown in the city of Angels.

One day at a time, I accept certain things that I have done.

Hoping those people can forgive me,

I know in order to VIBRATE HIGHER,

I have to accept all things that were.

Shit! Then I better forgive myself,

Then love myself,

Fuel that fire,

So I can acquire all things that were promised.

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