The Unexpected

Miracles Do Happen


I thought I had lost. I had the idea in my mind of giving up. I was really going to settle with just living in my car and stacking my money. But, there were other plans for me. I knew this, and thankfully now I see it. There is one thing that can be hard for me to grasp at times; that is all things are temporary. I knew matter was bound to end one day, but I didn’t know when. I became doubtful and self-loathed at times. There were moments when the tears came rushing down my cheeks. Who knew this shit would be this hard? I was told by a close family member that I make stupid decisions. I don’t think them telling me was valid; if you were in my shoes, you’ll probably do the same thing. Los Angeles…is nothing to play with it and it has no pity on the weak.

I was talking on the phone to my mother while pulling up to the gas station to refill my car; telling her my frustrations and whatever joys I do have. I had just got off work and like clockwork, I felt exhausted. I thought that maybe if I can catch a ten-minute nap before I hit the road again, I’ll be okay. Well, needless to say, ten minutes turned into twenty, and twenty turned into thirty. I would have moments where I would regain little consciousness, but it wouldn’t last long. I’d fall back to sleep.

Finally, I decided to get my shit together and wake up. As I was adjusting myself in the car, I realized that it the sun has set. I threw my head back. All my problems began coming up again. Suddenly, I heard a woman’s voice ask me, “Are you okay?” I smiled at her.

“I’m fine.” “Are you sure?” “Yes, ma’am. I’m just really tired.” “Okay now… are you sure you’re okay?”

I can’t stand when people are pushy after I tell them that I am fine. This woman would not leave. I don’t know what came over me, but something inside me told me to tell her the truth. So, I came out with it.

“No, ma’am. I’m homeless. I have nowhere to go.”

She stared at me with sad eyes and then proceeded to walk over. She asked me more about my situation and I told her everything; how long I’ve been out there, what my plans were. Next thing I knew, she prayed took my hand and started praying with me. My heart held onto every word that came from her lips. I closed eyes and felt as each word crossed over my spirit. The things she spoke of were confirmation of all that I have heard and known before. You see, I am a KNOWER. Which means they are some things in my spirit that I just know. Call it what you want; GOD or my intuition or both. Whatever it was, it gave me hope. I felt lighter and stronger. The sunlight was unusually comforting at that moment. After she was done, she swore that she would help me and that GOD had my back no matter what. I assured her by nodding my head and by politely thanking her. She told me that she saw me in the car and she thought something was wrong. It wasn’t until later that she found out I was asleep. She told me she went back into the mini-mart and asked the clerk how long I have been sitting there. He told her over an hour. I couldn’t believe I slept at a gas pump for so long. I was a little embarrassed yet relieved that a complete stranger took time and prayed for me. She took the time to care because I was feeling so low. The woman, Monique, came right on time as many things tend to do when you are on the edge of losing your faith…and you know the best thing that happened…a miracle. Monique came through on her word.

I explained to her during our first encounter that I did not want to go to a shelter. She understood that. So, with all her trust and good intentions, she invited me to stay with her mother in Inglewood. I couldn’t believe it. She trusts me enough to live with her mom? Monique sees something inside of me that usually, most people around me see: geniality, kindness, compassion, and strength. I was more than grateful, I don’t think ya’ll understand. I finally had a place to stay! I have been praying on this for what seems like a long time. It is here. I have a warm and welcomed placed to lay my head with a woman whose seventy-five years young. She is the utmost sweetest thing. I plan on helping her within which every way I can. It’s the least I can do with my sudden intrusion in her home. All good vibes and good faith from here on out. Tell me my universe… what is next to try and consume me? Never mind my love, one door at a time. The overwhelming emotions that I must feel can wait until the next stage. Until next time….

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