See Me, Move Me, Feel Me: Part 2

Zoe Myers; Art Made within Every Stitch!

The Finalist!!


I feel it can be a nice reprieve to meet someone that is going through the same trials and tribulations on their journey, as you are on yours. For instance, when life gets a bit overwhelming when thinking about your future, it is comforting to meet someone who is going through what you are going through while they are trying to be successful within their career and master themselves. It means that you are not alone in this fight; which many of us fail to realize, we never are.

I met Zoe while working at the coffee shop. Which you may know, is my current job. The first thing that has drawn me to her to be quite honest was the fact that she was one of a handful of black women that I see walking around on campus on the daily. I was excited because right off the bat I can tell she wasn’t “bougie.” We connected instantly. Besides us being from the same racial background (almost) and being a part of a small group of Black people that either worked or went to the school, I must say I realized that we have more in common than I thought.

Zo was born and raised in Philly. At first, I thought she was from New York or Baltimore because she had a country accent added with a fluid tongue in Ebonics. You know how it is when you visit a different city and they have a different slang than what you are used too? Like that. Growing up, Zoe has always been a lover of the arts. It didn’t matter what form of art it was, she had a passion to be in it. After putting most of her effort into sketching, she decided to put more of her concentration into designing clothing. It was easy for her to do this being that she would dress quite differently from her peers. She explained to me that her friends used to tease her by the way she dressed herself. I swear all creatives go through the same motions as children. Needless to say, she was quite often misunderstood by those around her. But thankfully, that didn’t stop her from being her. It only made her much fiercer.

Fast forward to her second year as a fashion student, Otis did a number on my girl's mental! But, without this the stress of school, she would have never learned what she had to in order to succeed. Every time I see her, she’ll tell me how tired she is from working through the night on her designs. Fashion students’ at Otis College literally has no time to dwell. If they do, I don’t know where they'll find the time to do it! Each student works extremely long hours throughout the week and sometimes weekends to get their designs in order. Zoe is no exception to this rule. I barely see her let alone speak to her. I am forever making her coffee with exceeding amounts of espresso just so she can keep her eyes open to go on about her day. I feel bad for her sometimes, but, then I had to think to myself; even though this girl is tired all the time from school and everyday life situations, she’s smiling. She is doing things that make her happy, including being positive in the midst of this "shit show" we call life! It’s crazy how strangers can have so much in common with you.

The world of fashion is always changing and hella competitive. It is one of the hardest major’s at Otis College of Art and Design. It takes sacrifice of time, money, sleep, and thick skin. Imagine someone higher up, your professor or a well respected designer, tell you to re-stitch a gown after you put endless nights into making it. You have no choice but to bite your tongue and swallow the hard gulp in your throat to keep the tears from running. However, little do they know, that is what you need to survive in this world; discipline and an ounce of perfection. I like the fact that Zoe stays in her lane when it comes to her own fashion designs. Glancing at a couple of her drawings, I noticed how I have never seen anything like it before. You know most fashion artist tend to bite off the designer they admire the most. Sometimes, you can see this in their work. You may come across a few that actually have an imagination of their own when it comes to their designs. Zo has talent and I cannot wait to see where her ideas take her.

It can be hard for any artist to show their work to the world because we can be sensitive about our shit. That’s real shit! But, let’s face it, in this age of social media, I am not sure how the hell you are going to make it without putting your work out there on all social media platforms. It’s a huge advantage to us now a days. We have it so easy to network and meet new people. Not to mention, if you have more than one talent to show to the world? Man! Zoe happens to be talented in 3 artistic fields that are competitive. More power to her. If she is not designing clothes, she works as a MUA (Make-Up Artist) for anyone on any occasion. I even had the pleasure of her working a bit of her magic on me. I will display a picture, don’t worry. She has been doing make-up for years. She began practicing on herself and then on family and friends. She decided to showcase her work on Instagram and caught the eye of people in her city. It’s all history after that.

This is ME all done up!!

Makeup all done

The world of Art has many molds and forms, but only the truest, authentic human beings that are in tuned with their inner beings can tap into the magic within themselves that is art. What I am trying to say here is that artist is all the same. We all come from different walks of life but if you sit back and notice, we share the same heart for humanity and the world. Our emotions are like tides in the ocean, forever crashing back and forth yet majestic and beautiful to look at.

This completes the ending of my three part series of those who inspire me the most and I am more than glad to be wrapping the segment up with my girl Zoe. I appreciate you my friend and I see you working! As you finish reading this, I urge you to never give up and continue to chase your dreams because by being the woman that you are, you will not settle for anything less. So keep your head up sis and push through. I’ll be in your corner to shine the light when your days seem dim. Congratulations on making it through another year at Otis.

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