2020: Blooming Wishes & Dreams

I’m not going to make this very long, but, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! First tings first, I do not make a New Year’s resolution. I stopped making those when I was a teenager. For me, there’s no point in making them because I never stick to them. What I do now is just carry on with life, and if I get a spark of inspiration to do something to make it better, then I’ll go on and do that. For instance, I got the spark to leave everything I knew in Ohio and drive nearly three-thousand miles across country to Los Angeles. Before that, I made a hard but conscious decision to live completely on my own and it was one of the best decisions of my life. I deliberately put myself in positions in 2019 to force my growth and I didn’t care what the outcome would be. As long as I’ve grown from it, everything was okay with me.

I’ve endured some pain and frustrations and that’s okay too; I look at it as being all a part of the journey and I’m not wrong! Everybody has to go through shit in life, baby, it’s inevitable. Anyway, I know this new year is a continuance of what I’m working on presently: myself, my spiritual well-being, career and a better living situation. I know that when I begin to strive harder in the career area of my life, money will flow, so that’s a given. I will never stop working on myself. It’s important to me that I save myself from meritocracy and not growing financially at all. Shit like that gives me anxiety. Deep down, I feel myself being this tidal wave of a woman full of fire, poise, beauty and grace. Therefore, until I get there to be “Her,” people are going to be a bit upset. I happened to be very passive in the past and let people who weren’t as close to me, get away with treating me as if I didn’t matter. Not anymore! And it’s funny how that’s already taking into effect on my life too. A guy I used to know called himself being an asshole to me by harshly setting some boundaries in place. I respected the boundaries part. That’s cool, but HOW it was said to me was the problem. Long story short, I told him he pissed me off and that was the end of that conversation. Then, he texts me twice and didn’t respond. Sorry not sorry dude. I’m setting boundaries when people aren’t to be forgiven so easily. Boom!

As I stated before, I am not going to make this #BLOG long. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves bringing in the near year. I do have some new plans in place for this blog. I have spent a lot of money on getting it to become Premium. I plan on utilizing these tools and making the days ahead productive. Happy New Year ya’ll. Until next time…

Stay Positive. Stay Focused. Vibrate Higher. Peace