8 Rated Things To Do With Bae When You Buy A House

When you buy your first house with your significant other, you would want to enjoy this milestone you just crossed. In the midst of decorating the house and putting your taste on things to bring your new home to life, you might wanna have some fun with your partner. Have you ever thought about having a romantic night with just you too in the house. Maybe light a few candles, make dinner and have a little set up in the living room. Well, a night that starts off like that can lead to 8 R rated things you and your partner can do around your new home.


#1 Play Hide And Go Seek

A playful hide and go seek game in the new house can be a fun and teasing one. Make it interesting where the loser has to be your slave for ten minutes. It can be the anything, but the naughtier it is, I promise the more fun it will be.

#2 Let’s Do It Here

Having “relations” in all rooms of the house can be exciting. Think about it, you are normally having “relations” in the bedroom which is only ONE room in the house. Switch it up a bit and give your partner the time of their life in the kitchen or in the hallway. This will excite the moment and let’s not mention spice up your love life.

#3 Dance For You

I am talking more than having a party at the house and you two getting down in the middle of the living room. No, I am talking about installing a stripper’s pole in the middle of your bedroom and basement. It all depends if you want anyone to see.

#4 Netflix and Chill

This may not be R rated but it can be. You can start spending some quality time with one another after you buy your first home. It’s just you two experiencing the feeling of making a huge beneficial purchase in your relationship. You bought the house why not spending more time in it. Together, getting cozy on the sofa with the lights dimmed really low and a bowl of popcorn seems more romantic.

#5 Help With Laundry

Picture this, one of you is doing the laundry. Any one of you it doesn’t matter, but, nine times out of ten it is the female, right? So she’s doing laundry and her partner sneaks up behind her and hoisted her up on the dryer. I can let your imaginations take off from there. “Relations” in the laundry room is one of the most common places to experience an R rated moment with your partner and it never gets old. Try it out sometime.

#6 Skinny Dipping

This can only work if have a pool or Jacuzzi of some kind in your back yard. Stripping naked and having a dip in the pool is both excited and liberating. You don’t do it often because pools are usually visible and public, so, getting one of your own is a plus. After all it’s yours so you can do what you will with it. Get creative! Live a little people.

#7 A Sexy Dinner For Two

Cooking is an art in itself. So why not make it EXTRA special for the one you love? There’s nothing like pleasing your partner after a long day’s work with an extravagant dinner. Set the mood however you want but make sure you wear something a bit revealing to get their imagination bubbling. Yes, cooking for your partner in a sexy outfit or nothing at all is a sexy move to do in your own home. And for dessert, add a little whip cream to the table.

#8 A Role To Play

As if you can’t do this anywhere, like an apartment, but a house has so much more privacy. You can be more creative when you buy your first house and role play. Your partner can come to the door some kind of way, whatever you are into to make it spicy. Many times, you don’t have to hold back the noises either with a house because of the density of the house. It can be a bit harder to detect.

I feel that doing R rated things with your significant other is important to any relationship. It gets more fun when you two are all alone in a place that you are trying to call your home. It makes it more exciting learning about one another through sex. Comment down below if you and your partner did some wild things when you bought your first house or rented your first apartment together. I want to hear the stories. Until next time, see you soon.