I wanted to write this before I physically made the MOVE; you know, to show you my head space before I actually get in the spot. So, as you can decipher by now, I have a new place to live. ABOUT FUCKING TIME REALLY!! But you know what, I don’t like to rush the universe in anything it does, therefore, this was right on time. A friend of my brother’s, who is now a good friend of mine, presented me with the opportunity of acquiring a vacant room in his humble abode. This house is not only his of course, we’re sharing it with three other people, not including the landlord. Nevertheless, I am very relieved in this moment because I re-focused my energy on moving and that’s exactly what happened . Even though I didn’t find this place on my own, it was still an achievement for me taking it. I desperately wanted to be rid of my current situation and I took my first ticket out. No one could stop me! Not even the epic pandemic of the “COVID-19” in making this move. #rona

Everything in life is temporary until you feel like you’ve made it to where you want to be. This new place that I am moving into is no different. However, I do plan on making the little space that I have my own. Unlike living with the old woman, my room doesn’t have “ME” in it. It’s just a room where I sleep and keep my stuff. I never wanted to feel comfortable here to the point where I made it my own. I couldn’t find it in my heart to do it. So, I am taking it upon myself and my little coins to decorate my new private space. It will be decked out with plants in the window seal and draped in every corner of the room. Posters of what my dream life and career will look like occupying the walls and little post it notes of some of my favorite affirmations. I will put a sturdy desk against the wall and write (as well as do my spiritual work) from there. I can see myself setting a routine similar to the one I set for myself back home dividing my writing and free time. I will be proud of myself. I will love the process in these moments. Who knows, maybe find love and I will become even more happier. I will be…glorious (FTG [For The Glory] Jordy!!). That’s an insider. My brother’s friend, Jordan, always says that.

I won’t make this long even though I know you love it when I do. LOL (sarcasm). At this time, there’s nothing much to tell. Right now, in this space, I feel like a manifesting queen because I am working on getting shit done! My next goal to cross off the list is getting a new vehicle. Good ol’ Sasha’s rear-breaks are starting to squeak again and I am tired of getting the same thing fixed over and over. I already had a talk with her and thankfully, she understood that it was too, her time to move on. So, I’ll be in the market for an AFFORDABLE, RELIABLE vehicle. I’m not trying to settle too much, I would like a car that I will at least enjoy. Anyway, we’ll see how this goes. Probably GLORIOUS. Until next time…

Stay Focused. Stay Positive. Vibrate Higher. Peace.