New show on Netflix alert! A friend of mine told me about it and said it was pretty good. It appeared on the scene December 22nd of 2019 as one of the witch hunt/ medieval shows that captured most of its’ audience’s eye. The series is based off a novel written by a Polish writer named Andrzej Sapkowski. To be honest, I wasn’t very interested at first due to the rise of the metaphysical elements that’s becoming popular these days. Everyone all of sudden wants to become a “witch”. I think it’s because most millennials of this era are considered liberal, and living by anyone else’s rules feels suffocating and depressing for us. Plus! Many of my peers are ditching the societal chains of religion and looking at the more spiritual aspect of life. I’ve spoke about this pertaining to myself so many times so I won’t get into it. Anyway, onto the review!

The beginning of the story started off with a jolt. The main character, Geralt of Rivia, came bursting out of the water with what appears to be a monster infested swamp that he is trying to kill. The character looks cool; buff guy, white shoulder length hair, dark raspy voice similar to Batman in Dark Knight. I must say I hated that he kind of spoke that way. I guess it was suppose to add to his anti-social, mysterious “lone wolf” demeanor that they mentioned a few times throughout the show. As the show carried on, they finally got to one of the conflicts in the story line that a witch of certain importance needed to be killed. There were other witches like her called, “The Daughters of Lilith,” and there’s a sorcerer that ordered a strike to have one of them dead. He hired the Witcher to kill her, being that he is the most skilled monster hunter in all the land. I felt there were some holes in part of the story line because they never really brought it up again; the Daughters of Lilith, I mean. They didn’t successfully run through with this story and I felt that it may have been interesting. They kind of just left this concept in the dust. After that, what really kept my attention was the action and the hunchback character that was introduced later in the episode. Now, I am not going to go through every episode with a fine tooth comb, I’m just brushing through things that I liked.

The hunchback character, Yennefer of Vengerberg, I think is great at displaying her raw, depressed emotions as being differen, which really stood out for me. She was relatable! The character never experienced love in no way what so ever; exiled and sold by her family, bullied due to her body dis-morphia, and knows nothing of her past. Some of the issues she faced hit a little closer to home. Yennefer’s character tried to commit suicide due to her lack of confidence and challenges in performing magic. She wanted so much to be like other people, and felt there was one thing absolutely holding her back, beauty. Apparently not. I say that because sis eventually got a man. A Black man at that and he was fine! Tall, honey-brown skin, piercing hazely-greenish eyes, and they were so dreamy. I can stare at him all day. I liked his character as well, Istredd. He saw beyond her body and looked at the fire in her soul, waiting to burst through. Yes, he was working for a more powerful sorcerer at first to get her down, but, he ended up falling for her! Besides, Yennefer knew, she wasn’t stupid. She was doing the same thing any way to him and they got caught by each other.

I got the sense of feeling that the Head sorceress of the school knew she was a powerful Mage because she had Elvin blood. I feel they also knew that once the bitch became beautiful ( I mean bitch as a term of endearment), she would be a FORCE to be reckoned with. You see, when you pass all your tests in becoming a Mage, you get assigned to a kingdom, and you get to become beautiful. And low and behold, she was! She had another sorcerer make her beautiful after missing initiation and it was on! from there. No one could match her poise and power at this point as a Mage.

However, as life teaches us, all that glitters isn’t gold. She got her wish in becoming beautiful, but, soon she realized that there was still a void within her that couldn’t be filled. She also realized, that being so drop dead gorgeous wasn’t all it cracked up to be. She lost her choice of ever being able to conceive children when she was transformed into beauty. A steep price to pay for being a sorceress, as well as being beautiful for all Mages. Simply quoting my girl Jessie J in the song, “Queen” for reference:

“…. stop cutting yourself up on the outside, when the inside is nothing but scars. You can’t be healed by something materialistic. You can’t be healed by a man who stays distant. It’s deepeerrr…”

Yea, just imagine me singing that run on the end just like her. Nevertheless, this is my favorite episode of the season which is called, Betrayer Moon. It speaks highly of being reborn from your very own darkness. Later in the show, Yennefer starts to become enlightened on the fact that she’s missing something in her life, and becomes a bit restless with life and it’s purpose. Might I say, the story line carries on a little fast because before you know it, months or even years has passed and the only way of you knowing is by one of the characters’ mentioning it. Everything and just about everyone still looked and felt the same, so, it was a bit off putting. I say that to say this: I had no idea Yennefer conquered her difficulties in becoming a Mage, or had any idea of why she was like this “chosen” mage. There wasn’t exactly a back story as to why she was so powerful, besides her being half Elvin. Everyone (other characters) pretty much said she was, so, there was no real clarity as to what Yennefer is. I just assumed she was another daughter of Lilith, but, THAT wasn’t even stated.

I wanted to see more magic from the Mages (in this show they are not called witches). We’ve seen them mix up herbs and chemicals and put them into bottles, but not A LOT of inner magic coming from their mind or palms. There was some, just not a lot. I am not sure if this show was low budgeted or whatever, but it felt rushed to me. Like damn take ya’ time. Oh! The timeline in the show also confused the fuck outta me for I did not know the beginning was like “life before” the war broke out. Flash backs! I didn’t quite figure that out till the third episode. Then I was like, “OOOHHHH…”

Therefore, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’ll give the show …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… a 7 for effort. My boy Istredd dropped some reverse knowledge on the audience that I didn’t catch until the animated actor, Tyrese Gibson, reposted a snippet on his Instagram page. The line was in the second episode when Istredd mentioned the that Elves were the first people to harness “Chaos” and turn it into magic thus teaching the humans how to do it themselves. As we all know how history goes, the humans end up enslaving the Elves and/or killing most their kind taking the credit for “chaos.” Sound familiar?

Any who! The show was alright. It did spark my interest. Overall, the cast was great and the setting was beautiful. Besides there being some loop holes and sometimes leaving me a bit confused in parts of the show, I do recommend that you guys give a looksee and tell me what you think. I had a good time doing this review. I’ve always wanted to give my take on televisions shows like this one and movies; I am a big movie head after all. So! Until next time ya’ll….

Stay Positive. Stay Focused. Vibrate Higher. Peace