Back To Cleveland

I know you haven’t heard from me in a while, and believe me, the reason isn’t good enough for me to lie. Honestly, I have been feeling very low; scratch that, I have been going through a series of highs and lows and even though writing has been on my mind daily, I haven’t had the energy to do it. As I sit here right now, my hands are on other things: the remote, on my phone scrolling on my favorite clothing app, my hair because it’s fucking falling out. My hair is for another blog because let me tell you… I have never! I love my hair and God forbid that my crown doesn’t grow back. I’m not sure how I would feel about myself to be honest. I have enough problems.

After making the decision to come home, I began making accommodations in Cleveland so my transition could be smooth as possible. I had a job already set up, and a possible apartment that would be ready for me in no time. The drive was smooth and the sights were beautiful as always. I had it all wrong before about New Mexico being my favorite state to drive through; it’s actually Arizona. All this time I was thinking it was the other and it never was. Anyway, like I say often, the mountains were beautiful. Due to me driving in the colder months this time, the ride was so much better to bare. I missed the tingly sensation of brisk winters chilling up my spine; only to bundle up tightly to refrain from the cold. But you can shield yourself from the cold more often than you can cool yourself down in the blazing summers. It looks like it’s heating up in L.A. right now and I am so glad I am not there. I just prefer the cold; many don’t care to understand this.

Being home has been great so far. In the beginning it was a little hectic because I felt everyone (friends and family) wanted my attention. I mean, I get it, but I was completely overwhelmed. Eventually the feeling subsided and I’ve seen everyone I needed to see. It’s been over a month since I’ve been home and still, I am not sure which direction I am headed in with my life. I do not regret making the decision of coming back home, because I have it in my head that this move is temporary. Lately, I’ve been telling myself that Cleveland is my foundation and that it is now time to travel. I want to do so much that it frustrating! Traveling has been on my bucket list for so long and I’m starting to feel guilty for not doing it yet. Traveling across country is nothing, but traveling to another country is what’s going to be a REAL highlight of my life. Then, there’s the thought of making money. The coffee truck I wanted to get started in early 2020 has reared its magical head into the forefront of my thoughts again. Only thing is it’s not just my dream anymore. It’s now become my mother’s and mine. My brother has a partnership with a few of his friends with renting out this warehouse space in the industrial parts of the city; tall, old buildings, majority of them old factories, very authentic and of course spacious. I love buildings like these, so when he took us to see his space, I fell in love instantly.

You see, my family and I are just alike when it comes to imagination…well almost. Nevertheless, when we see a wide-open space or a structure with some potential our creative minds will start to go off like fire crackers. Suddenly, we have all these ideas of our own of what we’ll do with the space if we ever got our hands on it. That’s exactly what happened when my family and I saw my brother’s new rented space. The coffee shop has always been my idea, but when I mentioned it to my mother that the building where my brother’s business resided would be nice for a coffee shop, she went off! “Oh my god, YES! That’s a great idea Tricia! You can make coffee for everyone in the building and make cold sandwiches, get pastries…” Good idea, yes. But now there’s a little pressure and I’ve never imagined myself going into business with my mother. I don’t know what to expect. We’re both dreamers (more so me) and creative and both have a specific vision of how we want the coffee shop to look and run. I am not trying to worry about it too much. Maybe it’s a little petty to think that I cannot go into business with my mother. Either way it goes, I would have brought my dream into a reality of owning a coffee shop and that’s all that matters.

I have more to report to you. I promise I do and I’ll be back with another blog about my mental, emotional and physical states of being back home. I didn’t think my body would suffer this much from the move. Until next time…

Stay Positive. Stay Focused. Vibrate Higher. Peace

P.S. I added a couple of snaps from my trip. I have more to be uploaded soon ;)