Dumb Poet VII

Bye Bye Old Friend

I’m not sorry

Growing above you was long overdue

Denial consumed me for so long cuz I thought every word out your mouth was fruitful

I admire your so called “wisdom” even though we were on the same physical level

Every speech sang me into a world of oblivion

Had me questioning my own thoughts and inner guidance

Ready to take on your philosophy at the expense of mine

Loved ones around me couldn’t utter negative spells on your name

I protected you because you made me feel sane

My friend, my brother, my sanctuary

I stretched you high above the clouds away from everyone else for they weren’t equal

Not noticing as I was lifting you up I was sinking beneath the depths of my own despair

Sparks start the flying I couldn’t figure out which way was up

I thought maybe you could save me but truth is you wanted nothing more than to keep me stuck

I remained confused as I cried with uncertainty

Screaming that you were good for me but then I noticed my battered heart on my sleeve

I must let you go in order to save myself

Remove you from the Heavens above my head and lay our friendship to bed

The pain is excruciating but it was needed for me to grow

As soon as I made up my mind my sun returned to my cheeks, edges grew thicker and I felt that long lost glow

You see, that is my Higher Self and Ancestors wishing me well

Now onto the next phase in my journey, this lonely cursive trail