Check Point!! I Moved

This will make day fourteen since I’ve been in my new place. It’s cool, I am still getting adjusted to it. The last time I had to seriously live with men was when I was growing up with my older brothers, and there was two of them. This time, I have three male roommates who seem to be in the same boat as me. They all have different professions and they mostly keep to themselves. I am very happy to announce, the bathroom stays clean; which was my biggest worry.

My current room is a tad bit smaller than my last, however I am looking to make the best of it. There’s more closet and storage space, which makes it even better. Not to mention, there is an air conditioner already installed in the window (factored into rent). This is great I hear because the weather in the Valley is substantially hotter! I can see that. Back home, the sun in East Cleveland (where I grew up) seemed to be much hotter than the suburbs. Not saying this is the hood or anything. Other than that, I am fine. I can’t wait to decorate. I’ve already “borrowed” some plants that were rooted in the flower beds at work. I don’t think my job will miss them. When pay day comes, I need to head over to the Tar-Get (nah, Dollar Store) to buy myself these clothed, individual drawers to go inside the wardrobes (my extra closet space), and get a small three-drawer, hard plastic, compartment station for my panties and bras. I know that was a lot, but I don’t remember the name of what those things are called.

Per my last blog, “333,” now that I finally have my new place to stay, I will now be putting my energy into manifesting a vehicle of my choice. Being me, I want something that’s extravagant, yet settle. Like a crispy, cocaine white Jeep Wrangler, but those things cost over twenty-thousand, which means I can look forward to a high ass car note. Unfortunately, right now that’s nowhere in my budget, so, I would have to settle for a minimalist type of vehicle, with some style at least. At first, I was gazing over the Kia Souls. I know for sure that they are spacious and very good on gas. In my opinion, Kia’s are pretty fuel sufficient regardless. Members of my family are pretty fond of Kia. I happened to also look at a few Kia Optima’s, then switched it up to looking into a few Nissan Altima’s. These are popular vehicles by far and everybody and they mama has one. They’re nice, don’t get me wrong, but everyone has one… I don’t like dat. The recent models of the Impala have caught my eye in a special way. They’ll always be close to my heart. The hood’s favorite car to ride around in as well as too put forty-inch rims on to show off. Classic. Plus, they ride smooth as hell; you’ll feel like you’re in that bitch floating; cruising through the clouds on a spaceship or something, vibing. Yeah, I think that’s what I want ya’ll. An all-white Impala if I can help it.

In other new, the state of California is still in quarantine for the Covid-19 shut down. I still think the shit is pointless, but no one wants to hear what the fuck I have to say! Especially the people where I work. Oh my god! Some people just don’t either know how, or too lazy to think for themselves. There are a few doctors and nurses that actually took the time to chop it up with me about the whole pandemic situation. I can say we’ve come the agreement that this shit is over exaggerated. I was speaking to a doctor that has been working with the hospital for over thirty years and he is fed up I tell you! He told me, with an exhausted and careless attitude, “I’d rather be getting paid here, doing nothing then to be at home not making any money.” This man and most of his counter parts, are literally walking around chilling. Now, I don’t want no one to think that I am not sensitive to the fact that there are people that has died from the virus. Prayers up to them and their families, and I pray for healing in their time of grief. However, studies have shown that more people die from the flu than the Corona Virus, so why is the news and media making it such a big deal? There’s an emphasis on this virus alone, why not others, like the FLU?! You see where I’m going with this? Then, there’s been videos of people going to the hospital for having “symptoms” of “the rona,” and the doctor automatically diagnosed them the Corona Virus because their symptoms match. No testing or nothing! Also, the tests that were given to the public in Britain, were contaminated with Covid-19 virus already! Infecting all those people! Like, what the fuck?!

Bottom line is, I can’t wait till this shit is over. Even though I am an introvert and didn’t go out much, I would like my freedom of choice back; and to not wear a mask everywhere I go! California is giving out one thousand-dollar fines for those they catch without wearing a mask in public. They can kiss my ass! We barely have money to pay rent but now, you wanna pass out one thousand-dollar fines for not covering your face? Imma wear it though. I am not that stubborn, especially when fines up to that amount are involved.

There is one more thing that I would like to discuss about my life, but I want to save it for the next blog post. The topic goes along with the misfortunes of trotting along life’s journey. We’re all going through it; however, I feel that I am going through the shit alone at this point in my life. We’ll see. Until next time…

Stay Positive. Stay Focused. Vibrate Higher. Peace