Remember to Clap For Yourself

How are ya’ll feeling with it only being three months left of the year? I hope you doing alright. It’s been rough for a lot of us and I am proud of you for keeping your head up. I see you. Even though this pandemic was dreadful in the worst of ways, being laid off jobs, no way to pay rent, people around the world “dying” from COVID, it was a blessing to many of us. It forced the people to slow down and realize what’s really important in life. I’ve been reading different individual testimonies and I love the fact there I mention of getting more in tuned with themselves. Then, there were people who showed us that they didn’t like being bothered with their own company. This pandemic revealed many things. The most important piece of evidence that I think all Americans can agree on, is that our government gives two shits about their people. The government gave SOME Americans $1,200 dollars close the beginning of the pandemic and said, “Make it enough!” I thought it was a trip that many people still haven’t gotten that check either. That’s terrible. Then, had the nerve to cut the PUA by half. I have no idea what the hell they are trying to do. All there’s left to do, is what we have no choice to do, and that’s to keep living.

I was recently thanking God the yesterday, and I noticed that everything I wrote down in the beginning of the year that I wanted to accomplish, I did. My passport came in the mail not that long ago and I couldn't truly feel happy for myself. This has been something I’ve been waiting on for as long as I can remember. How could barely show any emotion towards myself in private? Why am I not jumping all around the room at this huge accomplishment? I've been so consumed with stress and worry that I became blinded by the grace of my own personal success. Isn’t that something? To be so busy my one’s plights that you haven’t taken the time to realize you’ve came a long way… sad really. This just proves that I do not live in the moment. With everything that is going on, you can’t blame me for being a little TOO preoccupied. Nevertheless, I will say that I am very proud of myself. Even though I’ve been in a cloudy space mentally, and I’ve been hard on myself about getting shit done, I can actually say that I’ve done it. So, here we are. Onto bigger and better things. But as usual I am going to start off small; don’t want to get a big head nor get overwhelmed with making lists with unrealistic expectations on it. I must continuously proceed one step at a time.

Like most situations in life there’s nothing much to report this week. I’ve managed to snag another internship with Curvy Me! Online magazine for about three months. It already seems a bit intense because I misunderstood on where to put certain on-boarding documents and I felt like the PR woman got snippy with me, “READ the directions AGAIN” I was offended, though determined to get the forms to her and not ask her ass for another thing unless I desperately needed too. But, hey, I can handle. Don’t think that I can’t because I’ve endured worse things. This internship may be able to teach me more than just turning in a few articles on time. According to the description on their on-boarding, everything I’ll need to run a successful blog, they’ll teach me how to do! Iron sharpens iron, right? So, we’ll see. In the meantime, I am planning my first trip out of the country. We all know where that's going to be, and if you don't know, I advise you take a look back at my previous article where I talk about travel. My flight & hotel will be booked as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted! Speaking this into existence. Until next time loved ones...

Stay Positive. Stay Focused. Vibrate Higher. Peace