“Come Here”

Believers... sometimes you get weary. To the point where sometimes it feels like there’s no return. The feeling you get in your body where it’s as if you’ve been jumped by ten men, but there was no altercation. The strenuous tension in your bones to move a limb, or the sickening sensation of what feels like failure in the pit of your stomach. I know moments like that. I wish there was something I could say to make it all better, but you probably don’t wanna hear that shit right now. I feel you. However I know what could work. It could dissipate all the pinned up hurt and anger in your shoulders and around your neck. I promise you. It work wonders and your emotions will warmly melt away like butter sitting on a counter top. Yes, indeed. This act of compassion could calm a beast in its unearthly rage. It could cure melancholy moods of sadness and/or pure excitement. Wouldn’t you love to feel excited again? Don’t you miss the warmth in your cheeks and positive thoughts that reigned in your mind? You can have that back you know?! If you’re willing to let go, surrender with open arms and receive. It’s just that easy. What will mean the world to most of us, even if it’s for a brief moment.... is a hug.

The best thing about a hug is that it doesn’t have to come from someone closest to you. That’ll be awesome, but as long as the energy is genuine and sincere, a hug will cause the upmost relief. Within an instant of feeling the embrace of another being, we may sink into the security of their arms and smile, or we may release all that we’ve been holding back for the longest time. So, my advice is if you’re mother is still with you, go pay her a visit, because a hug from momma can make it all better and she’s liable to put whatever you’re going through into perspective for you. If you have close and trusted friend, they’re already going to feel the pain in your energy and offer it, or at least they should. Whomever the person is I hope you trust them and I pray you get the freeing experience that you need. Until next time...

Stay Focused. Stay Positive. Vibrate Higher. Peace