Coming Home Part 2: I Got Stopped By A Lady Cop

I’ve decided to take my time on this road trip; take more pictures, daydream more, and take a different route. I still can’t get over seeing this mountain range in California. My cellular device wouldn’t have done what my eyes were seeing justice. Plus, the sky had this beautiful sunset so, the lighting would have been off. What a drag. I stood outside my car for a while just taking it all in. Oh well, there will be other times. I call myself purchasing a digital camera not too long ago. I couldn’t bear the thought of me being in the same situation again.

I don’t recall how I drove as long and as much as I did come into California. The drive back started to annoy me as well as excite me all at the same time. I was excited about returning home and seeing what amazing sceneries await me in the next state, all while annoyed at the fact that I was such a long way from home. The drive started to get tedious and I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to turn my brain off. Most of the drive was country roads and lonely interstates. Even though I am the type of person to value isolation and alone time, but goddamn! Passing a car or two triggered so much relief in me. I was beginning to get worried I was headed in the wrong direction.

For those of you who didn’t know, my favorite time to drive is at night. It’s less commotion, less law enforcement and you get to drive over the speed limit majority of the time. Crossing over the border of Kansas was one of those times. I was thankful that I was halfway home, I did a celebratory dance in my seat as I cross the states' lines. My best friend was on FaceTime monitoring my E.T. the whole time. While driving the dark, semi-lonely roads, I glanced to my right out the passenger side window and caught a glimpse of the moon. It was big and yellowish-brown. It almost appeared full, but it wasn’t until I pulled over to the side of the road that I noticed it was only three-quarters of the way. I love the moon. I always stop to admire it wherever I am and say a little prayer. I thought it was too beautiful for me to just keep driving and not gawk at it for a little while longer. I continued to talk shit to my bestie on the phone as I munch on the food, I purchased hours before. I decided to take a quick nap there with the moon in my sight. I thought it was an ideal spot and idea. I’ve seen many cars parked on the road like I was along my travels and no one seemed to bother them. Just my luck, moments later a beaming red and blue light showed up out of nowhere and pulled right behind me. My heart dropped to the DEPTHS of my stomach; you hear me.

I was panicking like I had keys in the trunk (kilos). I can’t, and I’m those who look like me when I describe the feeling of getting pulled over by the police. I was extra timid due to what I’ve been seeing on the news. My friend was trying to keep me calm, so I did. The officer flashed her hand-held flashlight through my car until she finally came to my driver’s side window. I rolled my window down and the officer moved the light away from my eyes. When I see that it was a woman cop, a wave of relief came over me. She smiled a bit and asked why I was out on the side of the road in the dark. I explained to her that I am traveling across the country from Los Angeles to Ohio and I stopped to rest for an hour or two. The lady cop then explained to me that it was dangerous for me to sit on the side of the road because truckers usually swerve and could possibly hit me. I agreed because after all, it made sense. So, she gave me a choice to either turn around and check into the motel less than a mile back, or keep driving. I told her I'll turn back. I just knew at that moment I was getting away scot-free. The lady cop lingered for a few more seconds and then asked me if she can see my license and registration. When I tell you my heart and stomach began to throb so bad, I just knew I was going to jail. I am not legal to drive, not even a little bit! I gave her what I had ( a piece of paper from California DMV saying I need someone in the car with me to drive and my state I.D.) and hoped for the best as she went back to her police truck. My nerves were on level ten. The blinding blue, red, and white lights from atop the car put me in a nerve-racking trance. I started praying to the ancestors for protection, and suddenly I heard a sort of voice in my head saying, "We got you," but that still didn't bring me peace. I was shaking like a leaf, especially when the second police truck pulled up.

I'll have a part 2 to this in the future. I didn't want to make this too long. The details keep getting better from here, I promise, you're not going to believe it. Until next time...

Stay Focused. Stay Positive. Vibrate Higher. Peace