Dumb Poet II

This not me but this how I feel


On a day of sweetest blue

I do nothing but think of you

A swivel and a shake, my hips and limbs dance to the beat bursting through the nubs in my earlobes

Getting tired now, but I can’t let go yet. Feeling the sun‘s rays on my face reminds me of fond memories:

Devilish passion under the moon light against my skin, singing in high pitched notes until my voice cracked then laid sleeplessly dormant

All these other niggas is pennies. There’s nothing to compare to thee

You’re like an unwanted high acquired by God’s green roots

I breathe you in, and hold it. Knowing fully what it will do to me; rupture or contaminate my state of being of being a Queen

But like that ray of sunshine, you can be warm and satisfying, yet temporary

You flash in and out like scenes from an un-sober mind

I stretch my arms obtuse to the ceiling as I continue to jirate down, and then back up again

My understandings along with my strong intuition knows that you are spoiled to me

I know my place and thankfully you know yours. Impossible for you to endure my Queenly Force of reckoning

You are good for the time being; warm and tingly

Like rays of sunshine.