Dumb Poet III

Like Water

Quit, Stop! You’re twisting my arm!

I’m sorry I cannot love you, be your morning star

The world is hurt and imbalanced and so are we

I’ve made peace with my demons as yours run free

Fate has spoken as to why we can’t be together

My heart is too soft for your wild indiscretions

I was looking for a soul, while you searched for a playmate

Playing in the garden of the Universe unaware of us not being on the same page

I had to force myself to let you go! And you kept pulling me back

Afraid of growing, afraid to change, afraid of being

There‘s lots to learn while we are still living

My growth has surpassed yours and I couldn’t wait

Time lingers for no one and I had to make an escape

But still you wished to hound me even though you knew this to be true!

You thought I was like the wind, rushed and for everyone

When I am like water, free flowing, calm until provoked

So you see, you and I cannot be

Release me for someone else whose able to know my worth and warmth

Maybe once you’ve sprung from the embers of an enlightening solace, I’ll be there

Free flowing, calm like water

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