Dumb Poet IV

I ask myself why is letting go so hard?

Is my heart made of mush?!

Relationships, friendships have me for the long haul

I speak LIFE into souls that I call my friends and family

But why do they hesitate to give me the same treatment?

Afraid to let go of the ones I once loved

I beg for a sign from the Heavens above—— I mean within

Because God is inside of me not somewhere up in the clouds

I try to hush my mind from all the chatter

My Gemini Moon makes my brain a scatter

Searching for an answer as to who stays with me on this journey

They’re beginning to act up and it’s looking unfamiliar

Don’t know what to think... Stress levels arising

It hurts so much not to have them stand beside me 😔

But that’s a lesson in life as everyone knows it

Friends become foes you can slap it up, take a picture and store it 🤷🏾‍♀️