Dumb Poet V

The lot of us tend to love much harder than others

The rest seems to be flattered by this gesture but has no idea and/or consideration to understand what this means.

Do the “others” have no feelings or an empathetic treasure in their temple to deal with the lot of us?

Are they mad or are they suppressing cold boulders of trauma beneath their surfaces to keep them from feeling?

Or is it simply a sense of enlightenment? Protecting their hearts from ppl that remind them of themselves making it hard for ppl like, us... like me

We’re trying hard to love you. For a moment it worked.

But then you become enflamed of how our hearts are always on display

Yet we barely say anything to question your dismay

Hoping we can calm your fire within🔥 and you’ll be subtle again

Not realizing that you carry little moments like this with you

Ready to use again and again.

Maybe our kinds aren’t meant to be together .

But why are we so ATTRACTED to each other??!!?

Even in Nature we can’t co-exist

One seems to always over power the other

Unfortunately for ppl like me, we’ll keep running back getting burned

It’s not until the scars become deep enough until we decide that YOU MUST get your turn




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