Dumb Poet VI

Letting Go May Be the Hardest After All...

The time has come when you feel yourself slowly slipping away

Unhinging the "old" persona with cursing whispers and negative say, because it is merit

It's what it takes in order to ascend to another level

The feeling of despair of what's changing inside the mold

For once, the heart and mind aligns with the soul

Bright flashes of light with visions of the future

Refreshing moments of clarity feels lit like an ember Again you remember why your perseverance was key

Dreams coming into fruition by surrendering to one major thing...

Letting Go.

Leave the old mindset with the friendships that no longer serve you

Dig deep and welcome the pain to move forward

I know it hurts but how do you expect to get your wings?

It all seems obscene to let THE Light shine through your being and be seen as indifferent

You gotta keep your head straight and treat people like COVID and keep them distant

Keep from socializing with those who refuse to grow

In this moment you’re too fragile to not let their energies fuck you up on the low

SO... I pray for you and not only me

That we’re able to look Change in the face and not tremble

Lets pretend that we are already who we’ve dreamt to be

Spiritually protected, unstoppable entities taking lessons from the world unknown to be freed