I know I’ve been M.I.A. with the blogs and there is really no excuse as to why, so, I won’t bother you with it. Moving on, work has been going great and the aspects of the job that I thought were hard, is not. I feel as if the “higher-ups” were making it bigger than it needed to be. Once I sat down with the actual people that are taking the calls and dealing with the customers, it wasn’t so bad.

Luckily, I got to sit with this tall glass of chocolate milk that smelled like heaven. He was so handsome. I needed the pick me up, especially because how my week was. But, you know handsome to me means, “PUT HIM BACK! HE’LL HURT YOU!” to me. So, I took the experience for what it was and moved on. However, that didn’t stop me from speaking in my low, flirty high voice. He ain’t take the bait though, and that’s okay. Better luck for me next time with another cutie pie.

Tonight it’s the full moon in Taurus, and on top of that, Mercury is in retrograde! I fucking hate it. This month has been the devil. First, an ex came back into my life and we both were full of shit telling each other our feelings until it was time for us to fizzle out. We still hate each other on the low. Second, my radiator went out in my car and I have no choice but to get a new one. All the times of me patching it up with radiator stop leak has finally caught up with me. I knew it was coming, but I was hoping it would wait until I thought about getting another car at least. Thirdly, I am on the fence of returning home for the hundredth time. Lifeis getting rough out here and I am not sure how long I can bare it. I miss the hell out of my family and I miss the reasonably priced ways of living. Maybe I’ll come back to L.A. when I’m rich because right now, I am not doing so hot. To think that I am maybe have to pay rent, a car note, car insurance, gas for the car, a phone bill is just too much on my little pockets. I feel I want to go back to the land of the “pay my bills with one job” freedom.

Lastly, I took the bus to go to work for the first time out here. It was cool at first; going to work was a breeze, everything I needed to know was straight forward. It was the coming back that had me triggered. My GPS told me to go to 1st/Spring st for the 733 Silver Line bus. There was no 733 bus. I walked around the intersection of Spring st for about ten minutes before I finally asked a stranger for directions. They couldn’t help me. Looked at my GPS again and it told me to go to 1st/Hill st. I did. Do you know how many Silver, Red, Blue line buses and buzzing up and down this street? I mean busses were flying everywhere and there was still no 733 bus in sight! So, my GPS gave me another name of a bus to catch and by the grace of god (and an old woman when I asked her for directions), I got on the right bus. The driver was also very nice and helpful which I appreciated. Shout out to him.

I am just riding along, dozing off, in my own little world not paying much attention. Stupid, I know because I was already nervous and confused about being on the wrong bus. I ended up missing my stop and had to catch another bus back to get off at my original stop. Then, I had to climb this steep ass, long staircase that lead to this metal enclosed bridge that stretched across the 110 Highway and walk down to make my way to Slauson. Mind you, it’s night time. But strangely, I wasn’t worried. I was more concerned with getting on the right bus or not. I didn’t have the patience of going back and forth around south L.A. I thank god that they people I asked for directions were nice as shit. One lady walked me all the way down to the bus stop and made sure I caught the right bus. After a while, I was finally in an area I was familiar with. When I saw the taco stand lit up on the corner of Slauson/ Normandie, I relaxed a bit. Across the street was the correct bus stop where I needed to be. I couldn’t wait to get home and take off my clothes. My feet were killing me and my back was sweating ( I wore a wind breaker with no shirt, it was cute). I told ya’ll all that to say this, Mercury Retrograde can kiss my flat ass because it hasn’t been treating me right! Now, I don’t really believe in superstitions, however, there was this black cat in my yard that I’ve seen two days in a row. The first time I saw it was the other day when I was getting into the car. It was sitting on the hood of this truck that the old lady has in her drive way, and it was staring at me. It was crazy. Then, I instantly remembered that black cats are not bad; they just have a bad rep because in stories, they are always depicted with being in ka-hoots with witches and their cauldrons.

I’ve been going through all the motions. Nevertheless, there was some light in my darkness. The interview that I’ve done with Miilky was bomb and more than an inspiration. Hearing her story made me think: I really must stop making excuses as to why I am not writing, keep trying things out, never give up and don’t lose your self respect. I got all that from her. It took her four years to get what she has been dreaming for and here I am, complaining. Welp! One down, three more years to go. Ugh! The horror! Until next time you guys….

Stay Positive. Stay Focused. Vibrate Higher. Peace.