Free Yourself!

I am happy to say that this generation doesn’t have much of a problem expressing their feelings, one way or another. Whether it be on social media or to their friends, thankfully we are becoming more comfortable with not carrying burdens alone. With this generation of people, we have become more empathetic and sensitive to other’s feelings as well as mental issues. There are more individuals coming out and owning their truth with the matter, and I feel the world is starting to open up more and take a stand. No longer will anyone have to put on the “tough” persona. If you’re going through something that is weighing on your chest, a trusted friend or confidant is more than likely okay with hearing you vent.

The generation before the millennials always clown on our sensitivity and acts of being able to speak our emotions. Not only were they taught to keep their feelings clammed up inside, but speaking about them in public was taboo. Even speaking to a therapist was frowned upon or looked at as “crazy.” These days, it’s genuinely recommended. Even though the ideals of friendships seem to be a little obscured now (due to social media’s “goals” portrayals), those that do have honest friends by their sides are making it more of their business to be more involved with the other’s mental health. Not only do I speak from experience, but this sort of behavior is seen everywhere across all social media platforms. No longer are people settling for toxic friendships that no longer serves them. This is a good thing! The energies that are closest to you are the ones that influence you in everyday life. If your circle is toxic, then so are you. If your circle happens to be stagnant and not elevating themselves, then you are going to have a hard time elevating yourself. Great friendships are key to a successful life.

There’s always someone there to talk to. Try not to keep your feeling bottled up. Whenever one has pinned up emotions, anger or sadness, you can lash out on the wrong people and/or at the wrong time. Let it out in a healthy way! It’s a guaranteed fact that you have at least one person that loves you and want to see you do better. I am aware that many of us may have a hard time finding those people, but they are there. If not, talk to someone that can professionally sort matters out in your life; and if that’s not an option, I want you to remember you have all the power and the answers. Try talking to yourself. Keep a journal by your bed side and right when things feel overwhelming to you. Once you get all your feelings down on paper, you’ll feel better and there’s a possible moment of clarity. So, get the writing or call up a friend or family member that always seems to vent to you when they seem stressed. It is your time. Break free!