BLACK in AmeriKKKa! Do You SEE It NOW?!

Forgive me, for I had to take a well needed hiatus from what’s been happening in the world these past weeks. Another senseless killing to yet another Black man, on video has shook the country into a memorable, heartfelt, epidemic. Racism from police has shown it’s ugly head again in the killing of George Floyd. The video was hard to watch. I didn't see it to the end. I couldn’t. How could I? Just weeks before there was another murder of an defenseless Black man being killed for jogging! This too was captured on video! This is too much.

I feel only my people, BLACK PEOPLE, can understand the pain ringing throughout my body. The feelings of helplessness, fatigue, rage... feeling as if we are children calling out for our mothers to comfort us; to tell us everything is just and eventually, we gone be alright.

Riots of angry fires has been sparked all over the country and soon after, the world. The protesting started in the city where it all began, Minneapolis, Minnesota, where George Floyd was murdered. Thousands of people fled into the streets demanding justice in his name. It was chaos, but relevant, consequential chaos. Their outspokenness for injustice ignited change and the entire country followed suit. We had no idea Minneapolis could act out like that. It surprised everybody because you never hear nothing in the news or any other outlets for that matter taking about Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Protest in Minneapolis, MN

The energy in the world is definitely on a shift towards great awakening and change. The old ways of thinking, as far as racism and injustice are being persecuted and called out. The people of my generation and after, are making it so those that come after us wouldn’t have to deal with shit like being discriminated because of race, gender of sexual orientation. being discriminated because of race, gender of sexual orientation. I hope you have seen the protests of "BLACK LIVES MATTER" "I CAN'T BREATHE" and "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!" It is a sight to behold. So you know, with something of this magnitude is happening pertaining to black folk, you already know there’s going to be some drama right? Ya’ll, there was all this rioting an looting going on during the protest. People were setting fires to police cars and, in Minneapolis, the people set fire to three precincts! How the hell does a civilian do that?! Then family, the people broke into a Target and raided the shit out of it. Like, tore shit up. Wasn’t no Target after that. There’s video all over the internet with people taking bags and carts of merchandise out of the store. The fucked up part is, the media was making it seem like it was just Black people doing the looting. come to find out, as we all know, it was white people too! They were the ones that was actually causing the most trouble during the riots by breaking windows and spray painting walls. There was so much focus on Black people filling going in and out of these stores. Luckily, due to the grace of numerous people posting on the internet during this time, we seen what was really going on. White people dressed up in all black spray painting shit and throwing bricks. Rumor has it, that these people are actually “riot instigators” to make things seem worse than it’s not. I’ve seen videos of people recording a large pile of bricks on a pallet is just being dropped off into Black neighborhoods to fuel the riots. It was mind blowing and it goes to really show that it’s us (Black people) against the system.

Living in this time is both liberating and scary at the same time. You have no idea when shit is about to get really REAL because are so angry and closed minded. The debate against racism is a long and brutal one. It is a shame that there has to be a debate at all!

Politics and White People: “But..”

There shouldn’t be a BUT! Are you kidding me?! Many non people of color do not want to have this conversation because it’s bringing up the fact that most non people of color’s ancestors benefits from racism in this country is too uncomfortable to discuss. I get there are a few out there that are not racist and mean well, however, if that’s the case, ya’ll need to check your friends and your family members (because you know you got them) about having this hatin’ ass feelings. There’s absolutely no point! Black people are the most welcoming and forgiving people on this planet earth. I’m just saying; you’re lucky all we want is peace and not revenge.


Being cooped up at work has been hard with having no one to talk to about these kinds of things. Working in a place where majority of the workers don’t look like you could be a challenge. Currently, this is my situation. With all the killing, viral videos of police brutality, protesting, there’s only one Black girl at my job and we work on different shifts. It’s been hard. So, I took it upon myself to talk to every Black person that comes through my line at the coffee shop asking if they’re okay. I remember I asked this older Black man about he was doing the pandemic and she nodded and said fine. Once I asked him how he felt about the death of George Floyd his shoulders immediately dropped, threw his head back and exhaled hard. He said, “I just want there to be peace. This is getting ridiculous man!” This man’s energy resembled all Black people right about now. We tired.

In other news, in the mist of all this I’ve been trying to keep my energy up. My career is still up in the air and my love life is non-existent. I’m not sure where to go or what to do at this point. I swear, going back to Cleveland crosses my mind everyday. Nevertheless, no matter how hard I try, I still can not gather the courage to leave this place. I have some good news, but I wish not to disclose it yet until I have it in my hands. It’s been a long time coming. Until next time…

Stay Positive. Stay Focused. Vibrate Higher. Peace