I Ain't Scared Of No Corona!

So, where were you during the Corona Virus? What are you going to tell your grand-children how life was like during this silly ass time? I know the media is making this out to be such a fucking EPIDEMIC, but I’m not taking this shit seriously. The funny thing about it is, my allergies chose the right time to act up. One night my ears, throat and nose were itching like crazy! Next day, I wake up with a runny nose and soar throat. The day after, I lost my voice totally and I could barely fucking speak. The day after that, my voice got better, but I still sounded like a man. It was horrible. Now, we’re here. Voice still a little crusty, but I am progressing. All this spontaneously happened when I started my new job and everything. I got my old job back at the college and everyone is on high alert because of this virus. Students and faculty can’t touch anything, notices everywhere about washing their hands like we were never supposed too, it’s just a complete mess. There are a few good things coming from this “Corona Virus” and one of them being that plane tickets are at an all-time low to go just about anywhere AND the stock market is down, so, get into it! Entry prices are low now on stocks. There are countless hilarious memes circling social media regarding these low prices (plane tickets). People are making jokes like going to Miami for dinner just because the round-trip ticket is so low. I swear, I love Black people. We find the humor in ALL situations.

It is now coming up on the middle of March of 2020 and vast things has happened between me and what’s going on in society. I have focused my energy in getting a second job. I’ve made the decision to go back to the college’s coffee shop. Even though I am very happy to be back there, many people have shown me lots of love, it has shown me humility. Yes! Just about all my co-workers and students were excited to see me back but, the humility was in the actuality of going back to a place that I made it seem like I was done with. I made a big scene in leaving that place to the point where lots of people shed tears and donated money out of the kindness of their hearts, just to go back and work there again. At first, I didn’t want to do it. I was gnawing at myself for weeks to break down and call my old manager to ask for my job back. But, living out here in “Lost” Angeles you are required to make quite a few sacrifices in order to survive; one of mine was getting the job back that I love, and having two incomes to support me wanting to live on my own.

I am glad that I finally decided to go to the grocery store today. I went around nine at night thinking it wouldn’t be as packed, but who was I kidding. The parking lot was jumping like an after party. There were no buggies in sight. Despite the odds of me getting the food I need, I walked inside anyway because I knew for a fact that all grocery stores were like this. When I walked inside the checkout lines were stretched toward the fresh prod

uce section. I was livid. Not only don’t I have a buggy to buy everything I need, but I must stand in line for fifteen to twenty minutes to get checked out. BUT! You know what, as always, GOD was on my side. As I was strolling around looking for possible things to grab, a lady took the items out of her cart and just left it there in the middle of the front aisle. I was like, “YESS! I WAS DESTINED TI GRAB THESE GROCERIES AND STOP EATING TAKE OUT!” So, I proceeded to get what I needed to get. Luckily the things I eat were all still there. Most of the shelves were bear with the essentials: paper products, soda, spaghetti sauce. Come to find out, toilet paper was the first to go around the country. People might be in quarantine, but they’re gonna’ make sure their asses are clean?? Like, I guess. I noticed walked through each aisle that all the healthy foods still remained stocked. I kind of chuckled to myself at that. Don’t nobody want no nuts and kind bars. Fuck outta here! Where’s the chips?!

Corona Virus doesn’t stop L.A. people from getting to where they need to be. Doesn’t matter if it’s pouring raining outside, they’re out here. They may drive as if it’s a blizzard, but no matter what, there’s going to be traffic. I thought I was getting lucky today with everyone being so cautious. Nope! It took me more than an hour to get to Long Beach for a scheduled house viewing appointment. On top of that, the agent himself was thirty minutes late due to the rain. It was alright though. Thanks to Netflix and me not having that much to do afterward, I didn’t mind the wait. Once I finally saw that studio apartment, I was taken back by how small it was. I wasn’t expecting that at all from the pictures. It seemed so spacious. Nevertheless, it had character and authenticity; the old doors French style doors that opened up into a storage room, leading into the bathroom took my heart. Then there was the fireplace with the built in book shelves on the side…. I love fireplaces for some reason. I am not going to jump on the first place I see though, I’m going to wait and see what else I can find. Unfortunately, as I said before, I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact of paying $1,195 for a studio is pretty cheap, and renting a room from $500-750 a month is reasonable too. California boy, I tell you.

I can’t wait till this shit is over with so people can stop acting crazy. I wonder what the month of April is going to bring? So far, in 2020, every month has been something different. Either way, we’ll see! We don’t have a choice! Until next time…

Stay Positive. Stay Focused. Vibrate Higher. Peace