"If You're Not Talking Money, Then What You Talking About?"

Ya’ll, I believe I have found my calling into making extra money. This side hustle will catapult me into the life I desire once I am proficient at it, because right now, I’m getting good. Yesterday, after months of researching and trial and error, I’ve got the hang of options trading. This kind of trading leads to quicker increases of money however, it contains higher risks too. You can lose your money faster than if you had invested your money into stocks. Options trading and stocking trading are totally different for those who doesn’t know. I learned the concept of trading options through a well operated investing/trading app, along with the help of a few friends who were also new to trading, and some that we quite great at it. I feel lucky honestly.

This will be a second income for me. I can’t tell you how tired I am of working strenuous, labor jobs. I’ve been standing and walking on every job (EXCEPT ONE) and I ready to hang up my apron. I have knee and lower back problems and I am only twenty-six. I sleep like a fucking lazy ass cat, and my feet are in constant need of a massage. Note to my future husband: foot massages are the way to my heart. The food service industry has seen enough of my face. I am more than ready for a change. Nevertheless, working as a barista has been most fulfilling since living in “Lost” Angeles. I enjoyed making coffee and conversing with strangers so much, that the job where I had the opportunity to sit down and basically answer phones all day, wasn’t cutting for me. First of all, I am a quite person, so, talking when I don’t want too is exhausting to me. Secondly, sitting in one spot was surprisingly annoying. My ass kept getting numb and I found myself uncomfortable most of the time; having to readjust myself every ten minutes. I don’t mind keeping the barista job because I like it. However, my side hustles will be more on the creative front that doesn’t feel like work. I plan on making money from my writings while stacking up in the stock market. That’ll do for right now. I plan on traveling soon, so the money I’ll make from trading, will go to that. I gotta move. My senses have the urge to see something new and experience parts of the world that I’ve never known before.

Money is on my mind right now. I must concentrate on making my finances suitable for the lifestyle I deserve. Plus, making my room according to my likeness has been in my thoughts lately. For what I want to make my room out to be, this magical, fairy, fall scented, spiritual safe space, needs a healthy amount of currency. There is a constant energy of feeling uncomfortable and unsatisfied hanging around my aura. I am constantly reverting back to this mid vibrational because I want so much more out of my life right now! I say mid vibrational because it is said that you should never feel content with your life. There should always be a desire to grow and elevate into the greatest version of yourself. Maybe there will come a time where we feel as if we have done everything we can and there’s nothing else. You just want to enjoy what you’ve built for yourself along with passing down life's wisdom to the younger generations. What a life.

I encourage all my people to dabble into the stock markets because besides life insurance, this is where generational wealth is created if you’re not so greedy with your money. Trading money and reinvesting it to accumulate wealth for my future children is top priority to me. I think about them on the daily basis. My children will know wealth, luxury, knowledge of currency, and knowledge of wealth. They’ll know that Mommy has taken the time out to learn life’s core lessons so they can learn and become more aware. Sometimes I fear that I’m going to raise some too “woke” children for they’ll have a constant feeling of not belonging in the world. Hopefully with my love and teachings, they’ll understand, that that character trait, is not all bad, but quite miraculous enough to BE a part of the shift that changes the world. I’m in love with them all ready. Until next time…

Stay Positive. Stay Focused. Get Money. Vibrate Higher. Peace