Life Is But A Dream

Life is but a dream, so act as such

Life is nothing but a dream, right? What if the real word for magic is manifestation? I have been on this three day mental hiatus of questioning everything about reality. I began thinking about the things that matter the most and how far I would go to reach them. But there’s a question that I have been pondering for hours, “Can your soul pay the toll?” I’ve gotten it from a verse in one of Jaden Smith’s songs on his newest album, 'The Sunset Tapes." It makes you think, will you be the one to make that come up for your offspring and the rest of your family to sit comfortably? Are you willing to sacrifice all that you believe in for fame and recognition, if it will feed your family for generations to come?

As your journey continues, you become mentally stronger and wiser and possibly more materialistically inclined. By listening to your own mind and taking advice when it is dreadfully needed has brought you into your purpose of this world, hopefully. Things that mattered before have little effect on you now, and that’s good! However, It’s hard enough changing your mentality to have full control over the flesh because let’s be honest, it gets weak.

Whether you are trying to change you’re eating habits or committing to a task that’ll probably bring you greatness, every choice you make has its affects, whether if it’s good or bad. There’s no one to blame but yourself because you will always have a choice. It’s very tedious actually, if you think about it. Maybe more so frustrating… the same mind that produces brilliant ideas for your future is the same vessel that can deter you from your path. This is the same vessel where I quote “good’ vs. “evil” lies. Battling the “right choice’ vs. “the wrong choice” is a monumental endeavor in itself. People take years to master their mind so they can master themselves. So, I commend people that strive to change their mindset every day because it is not an easy task. This shit takes practice whether you'd want to admit it or not.

"There's no one to blame but yourself because you will always have a choice."

I have been teaching myself that a simple thought can change everything about how a human being thinks and/or feels. This is why I love the movies so much. There are many movies that sort of portray this idea on a grander scale, but, of course you will have to first acquire a curiosity about life or reality itself to understand it. Or do you? The information is out here and it is linked to credible, spiritual thinking among the masses. Who knows, an idea the size of a mustard seed can grow into this gigantic, ferocious bean stalk that can change society as we know it. It doesn’t take long for that to happen being that we are in the splendid era of advanced technology. Individuals have the power to share their thoughts and talents with everyone around the world with a single press of a button.

It hurts not to know what you need to know. But, having faith and trusting in Universe is the real challenge.

To use myself as an example, I am starting from the bottom working my way up social and financial ladder. I don’t have any money, no prospects and barely any friends. I totally feel alone and defeated on the daily basis. My thoughts are constantly at war with the fantasies of my future. This causes me to have lenient moods of depression and self-loathing at some point in the day. With all that I have learned from the power of thought, to the transference and positive motions of energy, the stale voices in my head happens to reigns supreme. Sometimes, the positive flow has its victory, but sadly nothing is put into action so I can reap the benefits.

"This shit takes practice whether you'd want to admit it or not."

Don’t get me wrong, lots of positive affirmations and believing in myself has gotten me all the way to California by my lonesome. Even afterwards, during those long restless nights in a cold vehicle humbled the hell out of me. But, at that time, I was excited. My spirit was jumping that I was in a new city following a dream; shedding old ways of thinking to bring in better opportunities. During those moments, I’ve seen how the Universe works. It has its own timing and you have to trust in the process. The constant waves of anxiety are pointless. Even though that’s easier said than done, there is no point into worrying about the things you can’t control. It’ll only put your mentality at a depressing stand still and then you’ll spend your time wasting away.

Believing in yourself can be one of the hardest things to do. But, it is so necessary. Self-doubt may creep in your mind at times but you must remember to believe. This little, tiny, but monumental detail in life can either cause so much damage or bring you paradise. Let your soul conjure and release all that it can in order to get the things you desire. However, just remember there comes a time when you will have to decide if going further in this system we call a world, is worth your sanity. “Can your soul pay the toll?,” is where it all comes back towards. Decisions can be the hardest when you have others counting on you to make it for them. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, it’s about what brings you peace and tranquility of the soul, because money can’t do that. One of the focal points in our lives is to shut the fuck up and listen to that still voice of positivity and assertiveness because that is our road map to destiny. I cannot stress it enough but to Stay Focused. Stay Positive. And set your Vibrations Higher. Peace.