May My Next Move Be The BESt MoVe

Going on three months since being home. What can I say, I’ve been chilling. I’ve decided to take things extra slow, especially with working. I did have a job when I came back, but they wanted me to bag groceries and I wasn’t feeling that. I enjoyed the coffee part though! They had the two-group manual espresso machine and I found myself so determined to learn how to use it. Bitch, I learned that shit overnight! I went home after doing paperwork and went on a YouTube frenzy about using the machine. For me, it was like it was second nature. The next day when I scheduled to work, I knew how and where to use EVERYTHING. The experience with the manual coffee machine gave me light practice for when I start to use one myself. I cannot wait for this day.

No, I have not worked since the day I quit that job. Mind you I was only there three days. What I did for money was irrelevant (ya’ll not about to get me caught up) but I was taken care of until now. These days I find myself scratching my brain on whether I want to punch someone else’s clock or not. I can’t begin to tell you how tired I am of working for someone else. These feelings have been running through my mind for a long time. I didn’t become serious about changing it until about May of 2020. That’s when the idea hit me to have my own operation in coffee, and ladies and gentle beings, it’s almost here. I will not announce until it becomes “official,” however, it’s definitely in the works. To give a tad bit of a hint of where I am in the process, I’ve already gotten my LLC and business plan together. Whew! I had to hire a professional for that. Calculating all the numbers and percentages became vigorously overwhelming, I had no energy of doing it myself. However, the Universe sends you ways to tell you that you should have done the shit yourself (SMH). The experience wasn’t a complete disaster, but I could have done it myself! She did what she was supposed to do; the numbers, cover page, charts, research, all fine! The part that irritated me the most was all the punctuation and grammatical errors throughout the plan. It’s like she didn’t check her work at all. Am I being petty ya’ll? I don’t think I was. Maybe it’s because I am a writer. I’m not sure.

So, I am doing the corrections myself and I plan on having a close family member look it over to see if it's ready to send off to a bank! I swear, the day when they approve me for a loan… twenty seconds of happiness because, after that, the real work begins. I am ready for it; kinda feels like the time I decided to drive to Los Angeles, made it there, went homeless, but things turned out alright. Yeah, the energy feels something like that. Everything is so new and full of possibilities. However, I will be careful this time about what I will speak into existence because I manifested homelessness. I remember the day I said it. I was determined to survive the mad city of L.A. in hopes to build my writing portfolio. Nah, this time I’ll speak more life and optimism into this new adventure of mine. Let the Universe know how bad I want it without going through physical, life-altering extremes.

Location is the most frustrating part of this process. Where your food/beverage business sits is imperative to gaining customers. I’ve been making lists of retail spaces of where my shop will be. I’ve been juggling the idea of having it on either the east or the west side of Cleveland. It’s a totally different vibe compared to the east side, and financially, it’s more than affordable. There are parts on the west side of Cleveland that are like hidden gems, but not so hidden from the rest of the city. The old brick buildings are absolutely gorgeous. It reminds me of a time where things were simple, grungy, and industrial. I can also picture the scenery being quite wet and muddy with the sound of chainsaws and clanking chains reigning in the air. Now here we are. Old warehouse space meets new-age coffee shop. Walla, magic (really just the effects of time progression)!

I can’t wait to tell you guys more. Thank God, I am excited every day to take a step forward toward the dreams I want in life. My new business venture will be the foundation for many other dreams to manifest. Until next time…

Stay Positive. Stay Focused. Vibrate Higher. Peace