No Plan. No Problem!

Am I the only one who can't sit still and want to jump up and travel everywhere? Even though I do not own a passport or have the money to make such quick and decisive moves, I cannot shake these urges to get up and go! My dream is to travel and see shit not many people has ever seen before. I admire my big cousin, Naheema, so much for exploring different parts of the world. I'm not sure when she started, but that doesn't matter. She's still young and she's doing it! This girl has been to Paris, Italy, London, Nigeria, went to Thailand on her 30th birthday and woke up in China?! Like what the absolute, beautiful fuck! Dreams man, I tell you. I'm working on to just stop talking my shit and get on with the traveling already. I see it like this, I'm worried about money mostly, spending all this money at once in fear of not getting it back as quickly as I want it too. It's crazy because for years, I've been telling myself about every little situation that involves money that it'll come back. Has it, you want to know? Yes, because I had a job to come back too. Nevertheless, the first country on my list, is Accra, Ghana. That's Africa in case ya'll was wondering.

Me being me, a smiling, soft and preciously warm unicorn, I attract a lot of people that feels comfortable in conversing about anything, and with this age of social media of every person being in reach from the four corners of the earth, people come to me. they're all interesting and I think it's cool to talk to different people from different cultures. Most of the time, I catch them by surprise by all the questions I ask them about their cultures. They don't seem to mind which I feel is a good thing. This is one of the positive aspects of social media; bringing people together from all walks of life to connect with one another, and if you're lucky, make new friends. My hopes and dreams are to become friends with the people I meet online, so when I go to their country for a visit, I’ll have someone in the area that I know. Thank GOD for the internet, airplanes and social media. It has its fuck ups but boy, oh boy! It comes in handy.

Imma be a ghost. No one is going to know I’m gone until I post a picture on the Gram. PERIODT!! I don’t need NOBODY in my ear placing their fear and concerns on me. I’m aware, I know what to look out for. People be killing me, but you know what, I get it. For those that will be calling trying to check me, I love ya’ll too and I’ll be safe. I'm manifesting the trip of my dreams, and when this pandemic is over, it's over! I'm already on my way. Until next time people...

Stay Positive. Stay Focused. Vibrate Higher. Peace