I meet many people in my day to day, but not like this. In the city of Los Angeles it is hard to find true genuine people. I cannot get over how true this statement is. We are not going to get away from running into some complete assholes, I understand that, so when I come across a person whose energy is welcoming and vibrant as mine, I get acquainted. The woman I am going to discuss is not only an inspiration to me, but could totally be an inspiration to the creatives that are grinding daily to make their dreams a reality.

I met Miilky (M.i.i.l.k.y= Milky) through a friend whose podcast I’ve done weeks ago. He came to me saying that he has a friend who is a dope producer and wanted me to write a couple articles about her. Now, when he said articles, I thought he was talking about doing someone else’s English paper because I’ve done that sort of thing before. Who hasn’t, right? It honestly didn’t matter to me because I felt like it was an opportunity either way. Anyway, when I finally had the privilege to speak with her, she wanted me to do an interview about her work. Miilky needed more exposure for her work and I was down for that. So, I was like “OK!” As ya’ll know, I like for my work to be authentic and genuine, and what better way to do that than to create an intimate setting to get a better feel of her vibe. As soon as she sat down to talk, we immediately started with good conversation. Her openness put me at ease and it made the vibe between us better for the conversation ahead.

She was introduced to Hip-Hop in her teens when she was first allowed to explore the world outside of her household. Miilky explained to me, that when she heard the sound of Hip-Hop for the first time in a club, it was over. The love began at fifteen years old. The one thing that’s for certain about this woman is that she loves break dancing! I can’t tell how many times she referenced to when she used to break dance back home in Israel. I think it’s safe to say that in those days, when she was dancing with her friends, competing at shows, was her favorite past time. A part from that, her perspective on life is real and true. Now to be honest, this surprised me a little. I didn’t expect someone that grew up in such a conservative part of the world to think and feel the way I do; culturally accepting, non political and just all around non-judgmental. From what I see and hear on television and/or from stranger’s mouths, Middle Eastern countries could be a little rough, especially towards women; which Miilky mentioned as well. When she was of age, Miilky had to enlist in the Israeli army. That kind of sent me over the edge because I thought that was just a male concept. She assured me that it wasn’t. After years of being spent in the army, she decided to start travelling. Now, everyone knows it is my dream to travel to different countries (by my lonesome) and soak it all in., #yolotrips and she did this! Her description of the clear blue waters in Greece had me pouting my lips in jealousy. I believe she traveled around for about a year until she finally thought it was time to head over to the Americas’. Her first stop, Canada!

Miilky est. LA

Miilky always knew that her destination would be Los Angeles. It was all about gathering opportunities in order to get here. I admire that part about her journey. When she knew something wasn’t right for her, she left and went for something different that she thought might best suited her. I asked her a question similar to, “When did you know it was time for you to leave?” and she replied on the lines of ( and I am paraphrasing), “ I always knew where I wanted to end up.” You can check out the full conversation on my podcast. I promise you, it’s pretty good. As I said many times before, following your dreams can be hard work, and the one of the most strenuous parts of that journey is to believe in yourself. After years of having your mind slip into negativity on the daily, it is a bit of a challenge to switch every negative thought that enters into a positive one. Tedious, but very effective.

My new friend Miilky has been residing in L.A. for four years now, and like many of our stories in the beginning, it was rough. Fortunately for Miilky, she never deviated from her path of becoming a music producer. She left the break dancing life in the past and concentrated on making beats for her own enjoyment as well as other artist. Even though she was involved in situations that had shitty outcomes, it was all a part of the divine plan. You see, her name was being brought up in rooms where she didn’t step foot into yet. She was in places where only true fans and big time music "influencers" had the pleasure of being. I won’t say much, but she met a few people that gave her important lessons to ponder as well as opportunities for her to capture. In the words of Oprah Winfrey, “There’s no such thing as the wrong path.” Truly going after your dreams with genuine intentions and respect for yourself will get you there slowly, but surely. One of Miilky’s main goals is to be an inspiration to her country and women of all races. She feels if she can do it with hard work, style and grace, then that the next woman, whether it be beside or behind her, could accomplish their dreams all while keeping the respect of their womanhood. Passionately, she explains to me that having morals is basically a lost concept; which I couldn’t agree with more along with having empathy. Nevertheless, my fondly new friend Miilky here is doing the damn thing and she has many blessings coming her way. I am not aloud to spill the beans about her upcoming endeavors, but I will say they are a long time coming. She asked me real nicely not to say shit, so, make sure you all follow her on all social media platforms (most importantly Instagram, where you can find most of her info) to catch updated events and music.

Keep those around you that are positive and uplifting. Throughout this entire interview, there were no waves of negative energy between either of us; just encouragement and compliments. People who vibrate at a higher frequency tend to be contagious, so I’d advise you to get you some high vibrational beings in your circle. Miilky has worked her ass off, and out here in L.A., the grind never sleeps. The drive to become consistent is hard enough and anyone who does it, striving to make their dreams come true, should be commended. I thank you for this interview, lady and I wish nothing but prosperous blessings coming your way. Until next time…

Stay Focused. Stay Positive. Vibrate Higher. Peace

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