Relationships in 2020: You Better Figure it Out!

Welcome to 2020! The era where everyone seems to be heartbroken, have trust issues, “rich,” and begging others to join Forex. Oh, what a time to be alive! I hope you picked up on my sarcasm because I truly didn’t mean that. I don’t want to be a platter puss against my millennial counterparts, but let’s be honest, dating in these times are a bit tedious and difficult. If you find a person right now, with true intentions on dating you, that’s awesome. You won! Finding a partner that is just as tired as you are of the mind games and two-week “situationships,” is rare. The rest of us are still playing twenty-one questions and avoiding text messages and DM’s during a certain time frame to not seem too “thirsty” or crazy. Not to mention we are constantly reminded of how good it could be by every couple posting the sweetest, little gestures from their partners that could trigger our emotions or worse our anxiety. Only a certain amount of people cared to admit this statement and I am one of them… WE ARE NOT OKAY! Getting into a relationship seems to become more of a challenge by the day.

It could be due to the enormous amounts of women empowerment chants going on these days as to why dating seems to be rough. Now don’t get me wrong, I love how women are incorporating more boundaries and self-love into our lives. We are no longer accepting the bare minimum from men, as well as the “pain before a ring” mentality; meaning a woman has to go through a lot of emotional and mental pain from a man, in order to be deemed worthy. Thankfully, that’s changing, but with changes comes with certain affects. As women are becoming more confident vocalizing their wants and desires in a relationship, men are dwindling down on their chase instincts and becoming more like the catch. I am not saying men can’t be a catch as well, but usually it’s the men’s job to pursue the woman. Lately, the rolls have been reversed! I can’t tell you how many times I login on to every social media platform and see men express how much the women has to be the first to provide love and attention in order for them to reciprocate the same energy. When did the switch happen? Nevertheless, if you manage to find someone that matches your energy, this is the perfect time to build up whatever dreams you may have either together or on your own.

The pleasantry out of relationships these days are people are becoming more supportive of each other in their endeavors. They are boosting their partner’s confidence, creating opportunities for entrepreneurship, healing with one another, catering to their self-esteem. This generation of relationships is possible for healthier relationships simply because this generation shows more empathy.

The bottom line with relationships these days are do you know what you want? No one, man or woman, is taking on anyone’s disrespect or lack of support. We are taking responsibility of what we want in our lives, which spills over to the kind of relationships we see for ourselves whether it be romantic or platonic. Yes, my friends, what a time to be alive. Until next time...

Stay Positive. Stay Focused. Vibrate Higher. **Choose Your Partner Wisely**. Peace