So L.A. Doesn't Totally Suck! Here's Why

Los Angeles is a city where people from all over are inspired to see. The glamor, the celebrity sightings, the palm trees, are all just a few sights that may peak your fantasies. That’s part of the beauty that lies within L.A.; the chance to do and see the impossible. This place is a melting pot of all different kinds cultures swarming the streets with businesses and/or have their foot in the door when it comes to Hollywood industry. You can literally start off with nothing, and build your life into what you’ve always dreamed it could be. The hardest fact about this concept is a question that everyone has asked themselves before moving out here: “Are you ready to PUSH yourself harder than ever before?” If the answer is yes, then welcome to L.A.!

1.) The very first activity lot of tourists like to cross off the list, is seeing the famous “Hollywood” sign. Constructed in 1923 and it has been an all-time attraction to California ever since. It is located in the Hollywood Hills area, on Mount Lee in Griffith Park. Me, personally, I have not seen the iconic sign myself because of its location. Griffith Park is a gigantic, sloped, mountain full of hiking trails and busy L.A. people’s trying to get a work out in. So, if you don’t mind the hike and heat, then knock yourself out! You are a surely a trooper.

2.) Another most popular sighting to tourists is Hollywood Boulevard, which hold the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This is one of the favorite attractions in Los Angeles along with the Hollywood Sign. It is home to all your favorite stars, cartoon characters and musicians! Just think about it? Stand at the star where once your favorite musician has stood?! Cool right! Don’t forget to snap a picture with them for your archives.

3.) Before I came to L.A., I was more than familiar with the infamous pier in Santa Monica. Down on the beach underneath the pier, you know where the pillars are, is people’s favorite spot to take photos. You really have to stand and wait for your turn to snap a pic in this particular spot. It gets real for the ‘gram (Instagram).

4.) Are you a lover of sweets, more specifically donuts? Then Randy’s donuts is the place for you. This small (by size not by enterprise) iconic donuts shop has been serving up tasty, creative donuts since the 1950’s. That’s a long time to keep up business. I think the most cool and interesting things about Randy’s donuts is that you can only find it in the southern parts of L.A. / California. It’s a South L.A. aesthetic and it just makes the culture extra special.

5.) Okay, there are many sub-cities in Los Angeles, but I feel Chinatown is the most popular one. I wish you could see the beautiful Chinese structures and bold, vibrant colors at every corner. The food is fantastic, and the shop owners are very warm and polite. It’s very different from any part of town. When you step into Chinatown, you’d think you’ve actually stepped into China!

6.) The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is definitely a must see if you were to come to L.A. It has everything from Latin American Contemporary Art, Korean Contemporary Art, Fashion pieces dating from the 1900’s til now, and so much more. It’s a great relaxing day to walk around with family and young children.

7.) The most talked about place on earth, fun for every child and the child hidden with yourself, is Disneyland Park. I can’t even begin to describe how nostalgic this must be to the adults. It’s literally magical for everyone who enters its gates. You wouldn’t be able to hold a frown in this place. I guarantee throughout your visit, you’ll smiling from ear to ear, showing nothing but teeth. There’s so much to do such as riding rides, taking pictures with Mickey Mouse and the Disney Princesses, numerous restaurants to choose from, and if you want, a resort to rest your tired limbs for a few days. Unfortunately, due to Corona, the park is temporarily closed.

8.) Melrose Avenue is a hot spot for all the latest styles, trend setters and hipsters. It has the up to date clothing, along with plenty of other shops such as barbers, food, bikes, music and get this… PUPPIES!! Yes, there’s a shop where you can adopt puppies called “Bark N’ B*#$@” located on Fairfax and Melrose. A few of the most popular clothing stores on Melrose Avenue are Supreme, GOLF, Doll’s Kill, and Dash. Usually this is the first place young adults likes to hit up before going anywhere else. It can give you an authentic L.A. experience in just one place.

9.) You see how crowded this picture is? It doesn’t matter where you are, if you don’t like crowds maybe L.A. wouldn’t be a good trip. But if you don’t mind rubbing a few elbows from time to time, then you’ll do just fine. Venice Beach is one the most congested beaches next to Santa Monica Beach, and I am speaking from experience. I would rather go to neither because I am not too fond of crowds, but hey, don’t let me rain on your parade! It’s still beautiful.

10.) There’s nothing like kicking back and chilling under the night sky to a good ole romantic comedy… in the comfort of your car. Yep, you guessed it! During the pandemic cinemas has been shut down due to safety issues, however, since then drive-in movie theaters has been taking all the business (besides Netflix and Hulu, of course). Enjoy this timeless way of watching movies to put an end to a good day. Paramount Drive In Movie Theater has both your favorite old and new movies to showcase, and a fine concession stand to get all your favorite beverages and snacks. Sit back, relax in the comfort of your car and enjoy the show!

So those of you that are coming to Los Angeles for a vacation, do it! You will not be bored and these are the kind of activities you can do with anyone. But listen, just because there are some great things to do while you're out here, does't mean you should just MOVE out here all willy nilly! You know, do your research first, READ my blogs first, and then make your decision. You have been warned. Until next time...

Stay Positive. Stay Focused. Vibrate Higher. Peace