Stretch Your Eyes On Beautiful California

So, me being curious, I asked a few people from my job, whose been living in this state all their lives, if they’ve really seen a difference in the skies of California. Without hesitation, they’ve all said yes. I mean, I could tell for myself from being out here for over a year, but I wanted to know other perspectives from people who grew up in Cali. When I asked them, you can hear the surprise and enthusiasm in their voices when they say, “Yeah, yeah!! It’s so nice out there with all the smog gone. Usually around this time it’s a lot muggier.” They’re absolutely right. Thanks to the social media outlet tycoon Complex, they’ve shared couple of before and after pictures of Los Angeles on their Instagram page about the smog unplifting. The skyline is visibly clearer, show casing the breathtaking view of the its massive mountain ranges and snowy mountain tops.

As I’m sitting here in my still coffee shop, listening to some lofi house music, I can’t help but to feel thankful for being an essential worker in times like this. The government gave every American citizen $1,200 (or more depending if you have children, then it’s an extra $500) to get us through the month of this pandemic. Everywhere I went, people were complaining about the money. People around Los Angeles were saying that this amount of money wouldn't even cover rent let alone food and basic utilities; which is true by the way. I am sure you are hip to the high cost of living in California by now, so, you can understand. It’s fucked up because most places where you rent are still looking for their money on the first of the month, knowing 90% of the population is out of a job. Like I said, I am thankful. I get a paycheck every two weeks ON TOP of the money from the government. BLESSED UP!! Thank God for the doctors and nurses not being able to live without their daily espressos. Coffee, is essential. I plan on stacking my money the best way I can. Baby needs a new car.

A short blog this is. You guys can look forward to me posting more often. I’ve been praying for strength to put myself back on a writing schedule of some sort. For sure, I’ll be posting every Tuesday. As usual, I’ll let you people know if anything changes. I hope ya’ll staying chill and prayed up. Take time during this pandemic to go within and releasing all the feelings and emotions you have been packing away. Better do it now before you have the excuse not to. Start off slow, like writing down everything you’ve been wanting to tell the person that hurt you the most. See what you come up with. Alright enough suggestions.

Until next time…

Stay Focused. Stay Positive. Vibrate Higher. Peace.