The Great Conjunction 2020

So, there’s supposed to be this great shift in the human consciousness starting on or before December 21st 2020. There has been much hype about the event on social media such as Twitter (where I first heard about it) and Facebook. I for one haven’t seen much static about it on Instagram, but it is there. The is “Great Conjunction”, what everyone is calling it, is due to the planets of Jupiter and Saturn coming into close proximity to each other in the sign of Aquarius. This sort of alignment happens every twenty years, however, what makes this conjunction more special is because this is the closest these two planets have ever been in almost four-hundred years AND we are able to see it. Astrologers, spiritual leaders, witches, wiccans, spiritual advisors (including myself) are all exited and have been preparing for this day. As for me, I am excited to see and know the shift, but I just found out about this conjunction maybe the beginning of this month. Oops! Nevertheless, I did feel something at the beginning of Sagittarius season. There was a bolt of clarity and optimism that strangely came over me. I am still carrying the energy; however, as you already are aware, life likes to throw you mental and emotional curve balls that tends to get you out your hook up.

I have been enjoying the comical memes coming from Twitter about this special time. Not only is it going to shift the mindset of the planet into a more Aquarian consciousness, it is also said that this conjunction will unlock the DNA of all Black people on the planet. I don’t know if it’s people of color, or just Black folks. I’ve been hearing just Black folks. I love my people. They are fucking hilarious and with the shits. Everyone is talking about receiving these unworldly powers and becoming the real X-Men. The funniest by far that I’ve seen is if Dr. Umar gets powers on the 21st, it’s over for white people. The rest of comments did not disappoint. I haven’t laughed like that in a long time. A friend of mine, who is also as spiritual as I am, felt the shift just like every other in-tuned person out there. To me, it was a shift in the way of thinking; as if the things that I do/believe in, will not be as taboo anymore, or better yet, if they weren’t believed in other than myself, I truly don’t give a shit. Truth is, the conjunction is supposed to do just that; shift you’re thinking into a more positive one, the ideals of faith and religion are to be of that person’s choosing without judgement. A new age of thinking and freedom, kind of like a new world order but in a good way.

The year is coming to a close and I have thought of nothing to reflect upon. I know I have many things to be grateful for, and I will not run you down a list. Nevertheless, I will say this, I am proud that I have choose to stay in Los Angeles for as long as I did. I have surely won many battles that I thought I’d lose. Most people would have deemed the journey a “miss” or labeled it as being too hard; which in fact was. It is nice to know that strength and perseverance exists in my blood. Those are nice qualities to pass down to my children, I think. This year of 2020 has been a rollercoaster for most people, and an entire blessing for me. I am not estranged to the trials and tribulations any normal person would had to face this year; however, I have been luckier than others. I shall remain humble and not brag too much about it. Ya’ll know the vibes, just in time for the holidays. Even though the world’s energy during this pandemic has been a little strained, everyone still managed to become so festive. I mean decorations, lights, Mariah Carey’s annual Christmas music is everywhere. It really is starting to feel like Christmas, even though I do not have the snow.

In conclusion to this year, I would like to thank god for pulling me through the hardest times, and give a special thanks to my family and few friends that have made this year soothing. I know I’ve been a pain in the ass with all my back and forth and overthinking, but I like to think that’s why they love me. I’ve had the pleasure of being shown who my true friends and family members are, I’ve noticed the many masks of fake people who pretend to be your friend in order to get information, and last but not least I realized how important it is to have a rainy day fund when situations become sticky. The art of manifesting money is a helpful one people. Strongly recommend you learn it. Anyway, there are nine days left until the end of the year and it almost seems surreal. I am taking it day by day. I don’t want to miss anything, hell, I came a long way. Lets all sit back and try to relax and reflect on how far we’ve come and the fact that we’re still here. Tell me in the comments what is one thing you are most proud of yourself this year? I wanna hear you all boast about yourselves a bit. Until next time…

Stay Positive. Stay Focused. Vibrate Higher. Peace