Imagine, being awaken to the unforgettable feelings of a burning love at a young age.

Hoping to taste it and to be wrapped up in it someday.

You know this love is real because a part of you know, knows it before.

Yet, you can’t put your finger on it, there’s just this knowing.

A love so sweet and tender, it will put the world’s most delectable love stories to shame,

It will make any woman whimper, and any man whence in pain. As time goes on, everyone else around you have gotten their share, but you.

Seems like no choice but to let the sorrow and despair consume you entirely.

Imagine, a body ache that no medicine can cure, a heart so heavy it seems to weigh down

your chest,

Salted, tear clothed pillows being your blanket, listening to the saddest of tunes shaped just

for your dreadful thoughts.

Imagine, being awake so young, to have the burning desire to share all the love you have inside yourself, only to see have it being poached by those who have no idea on how to love themselves.

The strength you must have, the perseverance you must possess to still keep walking with your head held high.

Praying for a sip from the immortal cup of passion and compassion of another being.

Nevertheless, still you wait because the UNIVERSE has its’ own time clock.

You have no choice but to wait.

….. and wait

….. and wait

….. and wait, until finally on one focused and energy filled day, another person connects with you like no other.

A connection so melancholy, so...familiar, you’ll begin to believe that the UNIVERSE, GOD, didn’t forsake you,

But was preparing you for a gift that not everyone gets to experience, because you knew heart break and loneliness from a different form.

Until next time....

Stay Focused. Stay Positive. Vibrate Higher. Peace.