Viva La Mexico!

You know, timing is everything. I’ve been on a long hiatus, but I'll have you know, I've thought about my blog every day; about how writing about my experiences and adventures are long overdue. Some might say there are no excuses as to why I haven’t written anything in a long time, but I have “the” excuses! I started getting my nails done every two weeks making it hard to type on the keyboard. I wanted so bad to tap into my feminine energy and I thought giving the Asians my money every two weeks would help, and it did. Then, I had no idea what the hell I wanted to do with my life the day-to-day. My mind would constantly switch on what career path I should focus on, or which emotionally rollercoaster I was riding that day... I was a mess! I am still a mess because I am still confused. I want to do so much, but I feel there’s so little time and I have limited financial resources.

My money situation has gotten tighter than my bra straps these days. No matter how much money I plan to save, there’s always somebody or something that needs my financial attention. Well, there was one incident that happened about a month ago that I was glad to spend all my coins on; SOLO VACATION TO TULUM!! Yes, children, I went to Mexico all by my lonesome. How did my leaving the country finally happen? I

just planned the trip! I kept a watchful eye on bundle deals going to different countries and Mexico was the cheapest one by far. The plan was to hijack it to Montego Bay but talking thousands of dollars! No ma’am. Tulum was alright. I had a week to remember. Everything from the plane ride to getting to the hotel went by smoothly. The only stipulation I must say was getting back home. That shit was hell. Mexico’s airport is hella overcrowded and unorganized. I’m talking about people from all over the world as far as the eye could see in that place. Getting through customs was terrible! It was so fucking hot, and I had on my curly wig, and that shit was napping up in the back. I was over it. Not to mention I decided to pack as light as possible, which resulted in me overstuffing a weekend tote bag of over five days' worth of clothing, shoes, and accessories. My shoulders were crying. Never again!

The hotel I got for myself was cool. It was spacious with a king-sized bed, tall windows, air conditioning, free access to the mini-fridge, and living room furniture. The best part about this room was that I had my very own veranda. Oh, my gawd!! It was so gorgeous and serene: two outside showers, two sturdy wooden, stretch-out poolside chairs, a couch, vegetation everywhere, a little table and chair. It may not seem much to you, but it was everything to me. I loved it. All I could think about was the naked nighttime showers I was gonna take. I wasted no time. The feeling was so liberating. Then that following day, I took another exposed shower at dawn and watched the sunrise as I washed my body over and over. The birds kept me company as they chirped their asses off in the nearby trees; species I'd never seen before and glad I did. The sky ran with pinks, oranges, and blues, colors you’d usually see on a sunset despite the assortments of oranges and reds. I tried my best to lock it at the moment. I’ve waited for moments like this for a long time, and I was finally living them. I am grateful.

The hotel I was staying in had a sister hotel that was better than theirs. It had more amenities, a flashier pool, and a huge beach. That was of course, why I hightailed my ass there almost every morning. I would have breakfast on the patio while looking gorgeous and rich. Afterward, I would simply move to the beach where I would enjoy the cool, blue saltwater. FYI, I did not expect the ocean to taste that damn salty. It was fucking gross, man. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my time there. The people were nice every I went. I had no issues.

Now, I knew the sun was different in Mexico, but I didn’t want to believe anybody; because you know, I'm black! What the hell do I have to worry about with the sun. Correction, I am brown skin, which means my melanin isn’t deep enough for it not to bother me. However, I also learned that if you’re not from Mexico, no matter what race you are, the sun is going to burn you anyway. That’s just what I heard. Long story short my skin was burned. My chest was itchy and red, and I was two-toned. After about a day or two, it didn’t bother me anymore, honestly. My skin began to turn a reddish-copper color, and it started to seem like that’s where I belonged. Too bad my high school Spanish didn’t get me too far while I was there, because I sure as hell was trying, boy I tell ya! LOL

Let's see, what else. The food was immaculate! It was different and it kept me on the toilet until the day I left. It wasn’t until I got back home that I realized why I had a light diarrhea nonstop. They tell you not to drink the water, but we tend to forget that the locals tend to wash their goods with the water they tell us not to drink. Realized that shit was backward and made total sense. Yes, give me American bottled purified water, but also give me this bowl of fresh fruit, well-done steak, and nicely cubed potatoes I’m pretty sure you washed and boiled to perfection. Smh. Oh well, you live, and you learn. Next time, I know to take probiotics before leaving and while I'm there. It helps with the parasites in the food that you're not used to.

I met a couple of people and heard their stories. One from Mexico City and the other, a guy (cute as hell) from Argentina. They both had one thing in common; both went on vacation to Tulum and stayed. Man, that’s some shit I would do. I have the balls to do it, but at the same time, I would need something already established to go through with it, like a job. Everything else, I’ll figure out as I did in “Lost” Angeles. Starting over in a new country would be anything short of amazing. Can you imagine the new experiences?

Life is moving like a cat that’s lost its mind on Adderall. My life has been full of surprises. I feel more and more like the potential “rich” auntie/big cousin/ big sister/ mommy. My little cousin has been driving me up a wall, in a good way. Since I've been back home, she has been nothing but a fingernail away. I must admit, I like being one of the positive influences in her life. She’s grown tremendously in confidence and beauty. She reminds me a lot of myself; especially with the way she dresses. Everyone says she’s just a miniature version of me. I’ll gladly take accountability for that. I’ll have to discuss more of that next time. Until then...

Stay Positive. Stay Focused. Vibrate Higher. Peace

p.s. why is everyone saying this now?