You've Got To Learn This!

They say the hardest thing in life is change. I disagree. The hardest thing to accept in life is patience. Change can be inevitable, and even though it may be uncomfortable, people tend to have more of a tolerance to adapt to whatever the change is. Patience, however, can be a daily struggle if you let it. I will be honest, lately, I have been letting it get the best of me. It’s been a challenge to make a decision about what I want to do with my life as of now. Writing will always and forever be my first love, but, I feel that I am also meant to do other things besides writing. Maybe not very important things, but activities that’ll make my heart sore.

I realized with all things in life takes extravagant disciplines of patience, courage and faith. Combine all those, with action as well because faith without action is dead. I’m going put that on my wall so I can see it every day as a reminder. God’s know that I can sometimes, sit back and wish upon a star for some things to go my way. When it’s out of my control, then yes, I understand that it’s out of my hands, but, when I can physically do something about it, I am guilty of dreaming without doing. If you’re doing this, I hope by now you see that it’s a problem. Put some action behind your dreams, no matter how small the step may seem.

This chapter of my life has yet to change. I am still learning patience and discipline. I need patience to show me that all great things acquired in life aren’t rushed, and I am need to learn discipline through all aspects of my life; especially with my mind and body. I am a Pisces stellium with those planets being Saturn, in the first house. Then, I have a Gemini moon, which causes problems with my Pisces placements. I am forever finding with myself to find balance. That is why I always pray for clarity. There’s a tug of war everyday between buying clothes and/or buying food. It’s a nightmare, but it’s mine. There are worse things I am sure.

“Lost” Angeles has been my greatest teacher of patience. I believe that’s what it does for most of the people that inhabits it. Everywhere I go where people are able to tell their stories of how they ended up here, their lack of pessimism for the six plus years they’ve spent in this city grinding always shocks me. Only because I cannot imagine being in one place for too long. I’m getting the itch now to leave and set up camp someplace else. The point I am trying to make is when your spirit is telling you to stay, then do so. When you feel as if your purpose is to grind it out in one spot until something shakes, then do it. You never know, because the one time you feel like giving up, your blessing could be right around the corner. So, it’s important to know the energy our body carries by practicing self-awareness. As for me, because this is my story, patience is telling me to stay and wait for something better to come along. I am going to give more time. I feel that I’ll know my answer soon enough.

Remember to take some time out for your mental health during this time. I’m with you. I see there’s a lot of bull shiggidy going on in this world. My best advice is to do what feels best for you. At the end of the day, it’s you that's going to have to deal with YOU decisions. Impressing other people right now is underrated. It’s not needed. I hope this resonates and if it doesn’t, take what does and don’t dismiss me entirely. I am just one divine being here to uplift those that are aligned with me. Therefore….

Stay Positive. Stay Focused. Vibrate Higher. Peace